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Michigan Driver's License Practice Test 4

Find out how prepared you really are for the SOS Driver's License Test. Take our MI Driver's License Practice Test for FREE, then see how well you scored. Get detailed answers and helpful information instantly online.
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Passing the Michigan Drivers License Test

To obtain a Michigan Drivers License, you will have to pass exams and demonstrate knowledge of road regulations. Taking our practice test is a great way to improve your chances of passing. It will also build your confidence, making both the test and driving less stressful. More than that, it will help you become a more skilled and knowledgeable driver after you receive your license.

Our Michigan Drivers License Practice Test Description

The two tests that you will need to pass to receive your drivers license include a knowledge exam and a road skills test. The written exam will cover subjects found in the state?s driver?s manual. Anything in the handbook can appear on the test. This is a lot of material to cover. While you might feel overwhelmed at first, our practice test will make things easier. After getting your copy of the manual and reading through it, you should take our MI SOS practice test to see how much you have learned and where to spend some extra time studying.

While the information in the handbook is not complicated, it might be new to you and require a little more study time. Each time you take our SOS practice test, you will reinforce what you have already learned and find new material to review. You might see questions about who turns first at a four-way stop or the steps to take if your license is suspended. Our practice test draws questions from a random sampling, which is similar to the actual written exam. Each time you receive a passing score on our practice test, you will feel more prepared for the actual exam.

When you arrive at the testing center, you will feel relaxed and confident. You will already have a sense of the types of questions that will appear on your test. In Michigan, your test will comprise of 50 multiple-choice questions, and you will need to get 40 of them correct in order to pass. These questions include traffic laws, driver safety rules and road signs. You can take our practice tests as many times as you would like to improve your skills. When you have reviewed your handbook and feel like you know the material, it is time to test your knowledge with our practice exercises.

Michigan SOS Sample Test Questions

A flashing yellow arrow indicates that you:
  • May proceed whenever you want.
  • Must stop immediately.
  • May turn left when there is no oncoming traffic.
  • May turn left before oncoming traffic.
  • Should slowly maneuver around oncoming traffic.
A limited-access interstate freeway sign is a kind of:
  • Route marker.
  • Warning sign.
  • "No-go" area.
  • Flashing light.
  • Pavement marking.
All of the following are clues you should look for when passing by parked vehicles, EXCEPT:
  • Exhaust coming from a tailpipe.
  • Whether the brake lights are on or off.
  • If there is a driver in the driver's seat.
  • The brand of the vehicle.
All of the following statements about sharing the road with motorcycles are true, EXCEPT:
  • Always treat motorcycle operators with courtesy.
  • Before changing lanes, check to see if a motorcycle is in your blind spot or in the space where you plan to move.
  • It is legal to drive beside a motorcycle in the same traffic lane if you are in a car.
  • Two motorcycle riders may drive side by side in the same lane.
  • When coming up behind a motorcycle, slow down sooner than you would for other vehicles.
Approximately how many vehicle-deer crashes take place each year in Michigan?
  • About 10,000.
  • About 25,000.
  • About 5,000.
  • About 60,000.