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Minnesota Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Minnesota Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Getting a Driver?s License in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

Getting a driver?s license in Minnesota is a privilege, not a right. You will need to pass several tests and ensure that you meet basic requirements, including age and citizenship. In order to prepare for the tests that you will be required to take, there is a Minnesota Traffic Sign Practice Test that you can take online.

A Minnesota Non-Commercial License

In order to operate a motor vehicle, you will need a driver?s license. In order to take the licensing test, you will need to have proper identification as well as have the necessary fees. You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are at least 15, you can first seek a learner?s permit. This requires:
  • Classroom instruction
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Parent or guardian approval
In addition to the knowledge test, you will need to pass the road test. The road test is designed for people who are looking for an actual driver?s license. This means that the knowledge test is taken by everyone ? even those who would eventually like to obtain a commercial license or a license to drive a motorcycle. First, take the Minnesota DMV Road Sign Practice Test to familiarize yourself with required content.

Passing the Road and Traffic Signs Portion of the Test

One of the main components to the written portion of the Minnesota driver?s license exam covers road and traffic signs. You will want to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Minnesota driver?s manual, which is available online and in the DMV locations. Whether you are getting a permit or a license, you will need to know this material. The contents of the test are designed for all levels of drivers. As such, you will need to know about the road and traffic signs that you will find on the roads of Minnesota. It can be very beneficial to take the Minnesota Road Sign Practice Test as well. We offer a free exam for you to take as many times as you like. The test covers over 50 different signs and we will provide you with a test that includes 25 randomly chosen questions. The goal is to score 80 percent or higher, and you can take the exam until you feel comfortable with the contents. Once you have sufficiently studied for the written exam, you will be ready to test for your driver?s license.

Minnesota DVS Sample Test Questions

Near a controlled intersection, this white rectangular sign with black lettering and symbol indicates that:
  • There is a pedestrian crosswalk.
  • It is recommended to stop behind this location.
  • Parking allowed.
  • You must stop behind indicated mark when traffic light is red.
This black, rectangular sign with a white arrow and black lettering means what?
  • Traffic may ONLY go in this one direction.
  • Traffic is advised to go this direction unless it's clear.
  • Turn on your headlights and proceed with caution.
  • You can drive the opposite direction if in reverse.
This rectangular sign with red lettering and symbol, indicates what?
  • If you have the correct permit, parking is acceptable.
  • You may only park here for one hour.
  • You may not park on the side of the road in this direction.
  • No parking here Monday - Friday.
This rectangular sign, with red background and white text, can supplement what common traffic sign?
  • Work zone signs.
  • Prohibited parking signs.
  • Speed limit signs.
  • All intersection directions that have stop requirements.
This rectangular, half black and half white, indicates that ________.
  • You're sharing the side of the road with a bike lane.
  • It's okay to utilize an empty bike lane.
  • Motor vehicles have the right of way.
  • Motorcycles can use the bike lane.


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