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What tests must I pass?

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Driver Examination Division requires applicants to pass the following tests:

Road Sign and Written Test
• The written and road sign test consists of multiple-choice questions to make sure you understand the Missouri traffic laws and road signs. You must correctly answer 20 out of 25 to pass the test. If you fail the test, you can take it again the next business day.

Vision Screening Exam
• You must be able to pass the vision-screening exam with a visual acuity of 20/40 or better in either or both eyes, with or without corrective lenses and a temporal horizontal peripheral vision of 55 degrees or better in each eye.

Driving Test
• Once you have passed both the written and vision tests, you are eligible to take the driving test. The examiner will check to make sure your vehicle has all of the required equipment, which includes:

1. Current license plates and a valid inspection sticker.
2. Seat belts must be in proper working order.
3. Doors must be in proper working order for the driver and examiner.
4. Passenger seat for the examiner must be clean and safe.
5. The vehicle must have two sets of brakes including a foot brake and parking brake in good working order.
6. The vehicle must have a horn in good working order.

• The examiner will ask you to perform the following tasks:

1. Start and stop the vehicle
2. Park parallel to the curb
3. Back the vehicle up in a straight line
4. Make at least two right and two left hand turns
5. Park on a hill
6. Enter and leave intersections

The examiner will subtract points for any driving errors you make during the test. If you lose more than 30 points, you will fail the test. If you fail the driving test three times, no further tests will be allowed without written authorization from the Missouri Department of Revenue.