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Nebraska Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Nebraska Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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What It Takes to Earn a License in Nebraska

While obtaining a license in Nebraska may seem straightforward, there are several things you should know. One of the most important aspects of the Nebraska DMV is that you can take your written test online if you wish instead of going down to an authorized location. Successfully completing a knowledge test is required to obtain any driver's license in Nebraska. The basic licenses available in the state of Nebraska are the learner's permit, provisional permit, driver's license, moped and ATV licenses, motorcycle license and a school bus permit. Minors may also apply for special permits to run farm equipment and drive a vehicle to school as young as age 14. An exam is required to qualify for each certification, so be sure to prepare so that you can pass your test on the first attempt.

What You Can Do to Prepare for the Nebraska DMV Exam

There are a number of ways in which you can prepare for your final exam. The Nebraska Driver's Manual contains all of the relevant information that you will be tested on, so you should study it thoroughly. If you require further preparation, a Nebraska traffic sign practice test can help you review.

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Sign Practice Test

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Road Sign Practice Test is a tool that provides essential information to help you on the path to receiving a license. While the exam that you take at the DMV includes three areas of testing including a vision screening, knowledge test and practical skills test, a Nebraska road sign practice test is designed to help you master the road and traffic signs portion of your written exam.
  • You will be tested on a random set of 25 questions.
  • The practice test includes over 50 traffic signs.
  • The questions within the practice test are derived from the Nebraska Driver's Manual.
  • The number of times you can take the practice test are unlimited, and the test is free.