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What do I need before I can get my permit?

Before applying for a driver’s license, you should study the State of New Hampshire Driver’s Manual, which covers the following topics:

• Part One—General Information
• Part Two—Driver Licensing Information
• Part Three—Motor Vehicle Title and Registration
• Part Four—Vehicle Equipment
• Part Five—Rules of the Road
• Part Six—Turning and Signaling
• Part Seven—Following, Passing and Lane Usage
• Part Eight—Stopping
• Part Nine—Speed
• Part Ten—Parking
• Part Eleven—Hazardous Driving Conditions
• Part Twelve—Driving Emergencies
• Part Thirteen—Expressway Driving
• Part Fourteen—Alcohol, Drugs and Driving
• Part Fifteen—Young and Old Drivers
• Part Sixteen—Accidents and Financial Responsibility
• Part Seventeen—Safety and Energy Conservation
• Part Eighteen—Sharing the Road
• Part Nineteen—Commercial Driver’s License

The manual can be found on the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or at any local DMV station.