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New Mexico Driver's License Practice Test 2

Take our FREE NM Driver's License Practice Test now! It's an online quiz with 25 unique questions, in-depth explanations, and instant test results. Be totally prepared for the New Mexico DMV Driver's License test in no time!
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New Mexico Drivers License Practice Test Description

You can conquer the New Mexico drivers license test with confidence whether you are taking it for the first time or are retaking it when you begin with our comprehensive MVD practice test.

We know how difficult it can be to get every traffic law and driving rule under one?s belt. We also know that going to take the New Mexico drivers license test can be an intimidating experience. That is why we have created our NM MVD practice test, which looks very similar to the actual test. It offers a series of multiple choice questions on a variety of randomized topics and will help you know what to expect when you get to the DMV. If you take our test more than once, it can also be an excellent study tool because it will feature new questions each time.

You will want to be sure that you are adequately prepared before you go to take the test. Although some of the 25 questions will be commonsense scenarios, some of the questions are bound to be tricky. In this state, you must get at least 18 of the questions correct in order to pass. Although you can take the test as many times as you need to, up to once per day, you will not want to waste your money or time retaking the test.

Finding Complete Help for All Your Questions

Of course, we offer more than just the practice test to help you prepare. We also have a variety of resources to help you study, give you hints about real-world driving scenarios and prepare you for other tests you may be considering taking, such as the commercial driver?s license test or the motorcycle permit test. We recommend that all testers read the New Mexico driver?s license handbook. This manual is up-to-date and will contain all the information that will be featured on the actual test, including road signs and signals.

In addition, you can click over to our blog, which features a variety of trending topics for drivers. One post you may want to check out is Common Traffic Safety Laws That May Vary by State, which can be very helpful if you previously held a permit in a different state and are now seeking a New Mexico drivers license.


A car or motorcycle needs how much of a lane to operate safely?
  • An entire lane.
  • Half of a lane.
  • One third of a lane.
  • Two lanes.
  • None of the answers listed.
Anytime you want to merge with other traffic, you need a gap of how many seconds?
  • Three.
  • Four.
  • Two.
  • One.
At a speed of 55 mph, how much time do you need to pass safely?
  • 3 seconds.
  • 5 seconds.
  • 10 seconds.
  • 15 seconds.
  • 20 seconds.
How fast can you travel while passing on your motorcycle?
  • Only as fast as the posted speed limit.
  • As fast as you want, to overtake the vehicle, for a maximum of 10 seconds.
  • 5 miles per hour above the speed limit.
  • 10 miles per hour above the speed limit.
  • 15 miles per hour about the speed limit.
How should you handle blind intersections as a motorcycle rider?
  • Honk your horn to warn traffic you are there.
  • Treat them like any other intersection.
  • Stop your vehicle, then move forward and lean your body forward to check for traffic.
  • Flash your lights to warn traffic you are there.
  • Stay stopped until you see a larger vehicle proceed.