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Nevada Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2

Are you ready for your DMV Motorcycle Test? Find out NOW by taking our FREE NV Motorcycle Practice Test online. We offer 25 original, multiple choice questions formed directly from the information in your own Nevada manual.
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Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Riding your motorcycle in the state of Nevada is legal when you have completed an approved riding course or passed a skills and knowledge test. If you decide to take the motorcycle permit test to obtain your Nevada motorcycle permit, we have created a motorcycle permit practice test with questions pertaining to the material that will be on the official test given by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Studying the tests that we provide will help you gain the knowledge you need to successfully pass.

Succeed By Practicing Our Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

Hitting the open desert or cruising the streets of Las Vegas on your motorcycle sounds like an excellent way to have some fun. To do this, you are required to legally carry a Class M license. Fortunately, residents of Nevada have the ability to obtain their motorcycle permit by just passing a written test. Other states require you to also pass a skills test when you apply for a permit. To help you gain an understanding of the laws, rules and regulations that apply to motorcycles and their operation in the state of Nevada, we have practice tests that teach you what you need to learn.

If you don't already have a drivers license for an automobile, you will be required to complete a drivers license application when you go to get your Nevada motorcycle permit. If you can legally drive a car, bring that license to a DMV office. Once you complete the test and pass, you will be a fully licensed motorcycle operator in the state of Nevada. By gaining a thorough understanding of the material, you will have the knowledge that's required to keep you safe on the streets of Nevada and pass your motorcycle permit test.

First, we suggest that you go through the motorcycle manual for operators in Nevada. In the Nevada DMV Motorcycle Handbook Manual there is material on crash avoidance, group riding and much more. After you have a full grasp of the information that's presented in this manual, we suggest that you answer questions on all the practice tests that we offer. Understanding the material on each motorcycle permit practice test will help prepare you for an experience that gives you a passing grade.


How many seconds distance should be maintained behind the vehicle ahead of you, at least?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5
  • 10
How many seconds should you search your path before making a lane change?
  • 5
  • 12
  • 10
  • 7
How should you keep your knees when turning while riding a motorcycle?
  • Up in the air.
  • As close to the ground as possible.
  • Against the gas tank.
  • Against the handlebars.
  • Spread apart as far as possible.
If either tire goes flat while riding, what should you do?
  • Ease off the gas and maintain a straight course.
  • Brake gradually on the tire that isn't flat, if you know which one it is.
  • Accelerate to make your way toward the shoulder.
  • Both ease off the gas and maintain a straight course and brake gradually, braking on the tire that isn't flat if you know which one it is.
  • Immediately stop - a flat tire on a motorcycle will not allow you to continue driving.
If you are struck by a flying object while driving, you should do what?
  • Immediately stop in the middle of the road and assess any damage caused by the object.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the handlebars. Once it is safe to do so, pull off the road and attend to any needed repairs, if necessary.
  • Weave in a quick pattern to avoid any future objects that might hit you.
  • None of the listed answers.