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Ohio Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Ohio Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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What You Need to Know About the Ohio Road Sign Practice Test

Every resident of Ohio has the right to apply for a driver's license, but the requirements vary based on the age of the individual. The state of Ohio requires that first-time license applicants pass a road sign and traffic sign safety test before taking the driving skills test. If you want to be better prepared, an Ohio Department of Public Safety road sign practice test can help you study by asking you some of the same questions that you would find on the actual test.

What Does the Test Entail?

Anyone interested in obtaining a driver's license in the state should take a practice test. This includes drivers both under and over age of 18. An Ohio traffic sign practice test is the perfect way to prepare yourself for taking the official test issued by the state. The signs you will be tested on are all available in the Ohio Responsible Driver Handbook, which offers some helpful tips for those interested in learning more about what the various signs on the road mean. The practice test features:
  • A selection of 25 questions that change each time you take the test
  • More than 50 road and traffic signs to assess your knowledge of their meanings
  • Post-test scoring to help you review questions you got wrong
Taking the Ohio Department of Public Safety Traffic Sign Practice Test is a simple way to test your knowledge of the signs that you see every day. Designed for first-time drivers, this test is also available for frequent drivers and those who have had their license for years. Take this free test as often as you would like to study. Preparing for your written and road tests in Ohio is easy when you use the online resources available.