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Pennsylvania Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Pennsylvania Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Pennsylvania Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Before cruising Pennsylvania’s highways and byways, you must know all of PA’s traffic signals, road markings, and road signs—including county- and state-specific ones! So before you take your PA permit or license exam, make sure you’re up to snuff with our FREE Pennsylvania road signs and traffic signals practice test. Using proven study methods for faster, more efficient learning, you’ll be able to quickly identify PA’s state and federal road signs as well as critical traffic signals in Pennsylvania.

Our free PA road signs and signals practice test is uniquely designed for Pennsylvania drivers, with accurate and up-to-date info taken right from PennDOT’s driver’s handbook and state regulations. In order to pass your PA driver’s license or permit exam, you’ll need to know how to approach and pass through traffic signals, including lights and railroad crossings, as well as recognize various categories of signs, including guide signs, construction signs, warning signs, and more. Plus, you must understand the right-of-way rules associated with all of these different Pennsylvania traffic signs and signals.

Our test provides instant feedback on whether you’ve answered correctly, with a round-up at the end of any missed answers so you can use it for your next study session. We designed the multiple-choice format to mimic that of your real PA license or test. Take this test as many times as you need to track your progress, so you’ll know when you’re ready to schedule your permit or license exam!

Pennsylvania Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test FAQs:

Is the Pennsylvania road signs and signals test different from the PA driver permit test?

The Pennsylvania traffic signs and signals test isn’t a separate exam from your standard license or permit test. Rather, it’s a part of the full permit exam, and questions on road signs and traffic signals may be sprinkled in throughout all of the questions, or separated as their own section within your test.

What do I need to pass my Pennsylvania road signs and traffic signals exam?

To pass your road signs and signals portion of the Pennsylvania license test, you’ll need to be able to recognize both state and interstate road signs and their meanings, as well as accurately identify traffic signals and the proper process for driving through them.

Does this practice test have the same questions as the actual Pennsylvania permit and license exam?

Yes! The questions on this practice test were taken directly from the driver’s manual, which is the very same source that PennDOT uses to create its official license test.

Pennsylvania PENNDOT Sample Test Questions

If you see this sign that means _____.
  • Loading and unloading is acceptable here. You can stop your vehicle temporarily.
  • Parking is acceptable here.
  • None of the listed answers.
  • Tourists might be present.
This circular yellow sign with black markings identifies what?
  • Renovation zone.
  • A school zone.
  • Railroad station.
  • Railroad crossing ahead and to proceed with caution.
This rectangular white and green sign with black text, informs you to ______.
  • Consider the speed limit if flashing.
  • Use no speed limit if light not flashing.
  • Speed up to beat traffic.
  • Reduce your speed to posted limit if the light is flashing.
This rectangular white sign with black lettering let's you know that:
  • This is a no-pass zone.
  • Passing is permitted when it is safe.
  • You may pass on the shoulder.
  • If you use your horn, drivers must pull over.
This red 8-sided traffic sign with white text is telling you what?
  • Yield.
  • Wrong way.
  • School zone.
  • Make a full stop.