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South Dakota Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE SD Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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South Dakota Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

You will be required to take a riding skills and written test to receive your South Dakota motorcycle permit. To help you pass the written portion, we have created practice tests to aid you.

Get Your South Dakota Motorcycle Permit with Our Help

Riding your motorcycle on Interstate 90 from Rapid City to Mitchell may sound like a wonderful excursion. However, before you can legally ride your motorcycle on any of the streets in South Dakota, you need to obtain a South Dakota motorcycle permit. You can do this by taking the required vision, knowledge and driving tests at your local South Dakota DPS. Our focus is to help you prepare for the knowledge portion that covers techniques, procedures and driving rules. You must receive a score of 80 percent or higher to pass, and you will not be able reference any material when you take the official test. Fortunately, we have designed a plan of attack that will help you pass the motorcycle permit test and legally get you on the back of your motorcycle.

The best way to start on your journey is to study the South Dakota DPS Motorcycle Handbook Manual. Inside of the manual, you will discover up-to-date information covering topics that range from types of motorcycle driver licenses and wearing the right clothing to knowing your motorcycle mechanics and the rules of the road. We suggest that you become familiar with the information by reading through the manual and then taking our practice tests. They will help simulate the experience of taking the real exam.

The written exam that the South Dakota Department of Public Safety requires you to take is not extremely difficult, but the wording of some questions may be tricky to answer if you are not prepared. The motorcycle permit practice tests for South Dakota are all designed with multiple-choice questions. Most will be fairly specific but based on material from the handbook.

South Dakota DPS Sample Test Questions

If you have a mechanical problem, which of the following should you take into account?
  • The road conditions.
  • The traffic conditions.
  • The extent of the mechanical problem.
  • All listed answers.
If you have a passenger, which of the following equipment is mandatory?
  • A proper seat.
  • Passenger specific foot pegs.
  • Protective equipment for the passenger.
  • All listed answers.
If you need to cross tracks that run parallel to your course, you should do so at a ____ degree angle.
  • 30
  • 15
  • 45
  • 90
If your face protection is damaged by a flying object, which of the following should you do?
  • Stop immediately to fix the issue.
  • Sound your horn to show your predicament.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the handlebars.
  • All listed answers.
In which of the following situations is it recommended for motorcycle operators to flash their brake light?
  • When entering a busy intersection.
  • When entering a paved roadway from a driveway, gravel or private road.
  • When an operator must slow down unexpectedly and more quickly than following vehicles may otherwise suspect, or when a vehicle is following too closely.
  • When the motorcycle operator is going to be unexpectedly accelerating.
  • When the motorcycle operator is crossing a bridge for the first time.