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Texas Permit Practice Test 5

Your Permit Test is coming up, and we're here to help you pass! Study by taking our QUICK and FREE TX Permit Practice Test. Just answer 25 multiple choice questions, and receive detailed answers directly from the manual.
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Don't be Afraid of Getting Your Texas Driving Permit

Many teenagers worry about getting their licenses and passing the Texas permit test. Taking a TX permit practice test even once can help to reduce fears.

Look Forward to Taking the DPS Permit Test

Teenagers look forward to a few key events, and getting their license is at the top of the list. Getting your license in the state of Texas requires following a series of steps including taking the permit test. If you want to get your Texas teen permit, you need to give some thought to what you might see on the test and what you need to study. The test typically involves a section on road signs. This section will ask you to identify specific road signs and their meanings. Of course, there is a section on Texas driving laws as well.

Our TX permit practice test uses questions pulled right from the Texas DPS Driver's Handbook Manual. You can get a copy of that handbook from your local DPS office, or you can download our digital copy available to our test takers. That detailed handbook acts like your textbook for that test. Just like you would study your history book before taking a history text, you should study the DPS book before taking the DPS permit test. All of the questions available on the test come from that handbook. You'll never come across a question that you won't find in that book.

Teens lead busy schedules. If you think that you don't have time to take the TX permit practice test, think again. As long as you have a few minutes to spare, you have enough time to take our practice test. We compiled dozens of questions like those found on the Texas driving permit test. Like the actual permit test, practice test takers are given a random assortment of these questions. You'll see different questions every time you take it. Those questions test your knowledge and help you improve your chances of passing your permit test. Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage for teens, and you don't want to see your friends driving while you still take the bus. With our resources, you can get your permit at the same time that your friends do, and you'll feel confident about taking the test.

Texas DPS Sample Test Questions

A "4-WAY" sign added to a stop sign at an intersection indicates that:
  • All approaching traffic to this intersection must stop.
  • The road ahead is closed.
  • The street ahead is for one-way traffic traveling in the opposite direction.
  • The vehicle last to the intersection must turn right.
A round yellow sign with an X symbol on it indicates:
  • A railroad crossing.
  • An upcoming intersection.
  • A no-passing zone.
  • Do not enter.
A solid yellow line indicates:
  • A no-passing zone.
  • That you may pass.
  • A one-way road.
  • That the lane is coming to an end.
  • None of the listed answers are correct.
A traditional "four-way" signalized intersection has 32 potential conflict points. A modern roundabout reduces the number of conflict points to:
  • 8
  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
About half of all motorcycle accidents involve:
  • Passing.
  • Turning.
  • Another vehicle.
  • Bad road conditions.