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Utah Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Utah Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Getting Licensed in Utah: What You Need to Know

If you wish to get a specialized driver's license in the state of Utah, you must begin with a Class D license. This allows you to operate a Class D motor vehicle. If you are under 18 years old, you must first get a learner's permit and hold it for six months prior to getting an actual license. To become licensed, you will need to be at least 16 years of age and complete a driver education course or have a license from another state or country. You will also need to know about the driving laws in the state.

Earning a Driver's License in Utah

Earning a driver's license in the state of Utah is relatively easy. Once you have met the basic age requirements, you will need to do the following:
  • Show proof of age and name.
  • Take vision, knowledge and driving skills tests.
  • Pay all necessary fees.
It is a good idea to refer to the Utah Driver's Handbook to help you understand the road and traffic signs, as this will be part of the knowledge test. You can take a Utah traffic sign practice test online to prepare you for the questions that you will encounter on the real thing.

The Utah Road Sign Practice Test

In order to pass the written exam as part of your licensing requirements, it is recommended that you take the Utah Department of Public Safety Road Sign Practice Test. This will provide 25 questions pulled randomly for you to answer. Over 50 road and traffic signs that you may encounter while driving on the public roadways of Utah are featured on the test. These road signs apply to everyone, so getting familiar with their meanings is essential to becoming a safe driver. The Utah Department of Public Safety Traffic Sign Practice Test gives you the chance to take the test at no cost as many times as you need. This can help you gain the confidence you need to go in and and pass the real DMV test on your first attempt. Once you pass the knowledge test, you can prepare for your practical skills exam to obtain your driver's license.