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What tests must I pass?

The State of Washington requires drivers to pass the following tests:

The Knowledge Test
• The knowledge test is conducted at a computer in a driver licensing office and consists of multiple-choice questions about Washington State traffic laws. You must correctly answer 20 out of 25 questions to pass the test. You are not required to take the test if you have a valid license from another state. The fee for taking the knowledge test is $20. If you fail, you can retake the test in four hours. If you fail a second time, you can retake the test the next day.

Vision Screening
• You must have a visual acuity of 20/40 in both eyes with or without using corrective lenses. Your horizontal field of vision must be at least 110 degrees with both eyes or 55 degrees with one eye. You will also be tested on color recognition. If you fail the exam, you must have an ophthalmologist or optometrist complete a Certificate of Visual Examination and submit it to the driver licensing office within 30 days.

Medical Screening
• You will be asked if you have experienced a loss of consciousness or control recently. You may be required to have a medical specialist complete a Physical Examination Report.

The Driving Test
• You will need to make an appointment to take the test at a local driver licensing office. You must have proof of liability insurance and your vehicle must be in good working condition. The examiner will be evaluating you on the following:

1. Starting the vehicle
2. Leaving the curb
3. Proper use of turn indicators
4. Demonstrating correct arm and hand signals
5. Use of the gas pedal, brake, steering and other vehicle controls
6. Changing speed to suit the situation; i.e. traffic, weather, pedestrians and driving through a construction zone
7. Proper lane usage
8. Driving through a blind or crowded intersection
9. Backing up
10. Judging distance
11. Respecting the rights of other drivers
12. Obeying traffic sign and signals
13. Parking on a hill
14. Parallel parking
15. Stopping the vehicle

You must score 80 out of 100 points in order to pass the test. The first time you fail, you can retest in one week. The second time you fail, you can retest in one to three weeks. If you fail a third time, you must wait three months before you can try again.