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Washington Driver's License Practice Test 4

Find out how prepared you really are for the DOL Driver's License Test. Take our WA Driver's License Practice Test for FREE, then see how well you scored. Get detailed answers and helpful information instantly online.
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Washington Drivers License Practice Test Description

Do you want to become a legally licensed driver in the state of Washington? You need our DOL practice test to help prepare you for the Washington drivers license exam.

What You Need to Know About the WA DOL Practice Test

Being granted a drivers license is a deeply gratifying experience. However, only people who properly prepare for their drivers license test will get to experience this awesome feeling for themselves. The DOL requires you to pass a Washington drivers license exam before you can be permitted to drive in the state of Washington. The Washington drivers license test is a written exam, which is comprised of a series of multiple-choice questions all designed to evaluate your knowledge of the rules of the road, safety practices and state traffic laws. Taking a practice test beforehand is a great way to develop the knowledge you need to pass the Washington drivers license test.

Thankfully, you have the option to go into the WA DOL test office prepared. We have created a practice test to help you pass on your first attempt. Our DOL practice test is a proven way to study for your Washington drivers license test. With our practice test, you'll get a feel for the official testing style and increase your confidence of passing the exam.

If you pass the state license test on your first attempt, you can immediately get your drivers license and get behind the wheel. Our WA DOL practice test makes it simple to ace your Washington drivers license exam. Read the Washington Drivers Manual before you take our practice test. This handbook is a valuable resource, and it's a great way for drivers to brush up on their driving. If you want to learn more about the rules of the road, our Daily Driver Blog is a valuable resource that will provide you with this information. All the tools and help you need are right here. Why wait? Start studying with our practice test today. You'll be glad you did.


How long do alcohol- or drug-related driving offenses stay on your driving record?
  • Your entire life.
  • 5 years.
  • 7 years.
  • 10 years.
  • 15 years.
If you see a driver acting or reacting in anger, what should you do?
  • All of the answers listed.
  • Don't make eye contact.
  • Distance yourself from the situation.
  • Slow down when safe.
  • Move over when safe.
In order to avoid accidents and last minute maneuvering of your vehicle, drivers should look this far down the road:
  • 15 seconds.
  • 5 seconds.
  • 10 seconds.
  • 20 seconds.
  • 30 seconds.
In the event of brake failure, you should:
  • All of the answers listed.
  • Pump the brake to build up pressure.
  • Use the parking brake if the main brake does not work after pumping.
  • Be ready to release the parking brake if the vehicle begins to skid.
  • Shift to lower gears if all other avenues have been exhausted.
On vehicles with automatic transmissions, what gear should the shift selector be in while starting the vehicle?
  • Park.
  • Reverse.
  • Neutral.
  • Drive.