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Wyoming Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Wyoming Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Getting a Driver's License in Wyoming: What You Need to Know

In order to drive a motor vehicle on the roads of Wyoming, you need to obtain a driver's license. You must first meet age and residence requirements, and you will need to pass a series of exams to qualify.

Class B Driver's License

The Class B driver's license is the most commonly issued license throughout Wyoming. It permits you to drive a standard motor vehicle that is not classified as a commercial vehicle or a motorcycle. You must be at least 16 years of age in order to obtain a license. If you are 14 or 15, you will be able to obtain a restricted driver's license, which requires you to enroll in driver's education courses. When you are ready to apply for your license, you must:
  • Provide proof of name, address and age.
  • Pass a vision exam.
  • Pass a skills test.
  • Pass a written test.
Each of the exams requires you to pay a fee in order to take it. You will be allowed to take the written test twice in one day. If you do not pass the skills test, you will be required to wait 24 hours before testing again.

Study the Road and Traffic Signs

To pass the written portion of the driver's exam, you need to study Wyoming road and traffic signs. The first way to do this is by reading through the Wyoming Driver's Manual. Some signs apply to only one type of driver over another, such as for truck drivers, but you will be responsible for knowing all of them. You have the opportunity to take a Wyoming traffic sign practice test to familiarize yourself with the content of the written exam in greater detail. It is suggested that you take the Wyoming Department of Transportation Traffic Sign Practice Test. This test is offered online for your convenience. You can take the Wyoming Road Sign Practice Test as many times as you want. The test features 25 multiple choice questions, which are pulled randomly from a database of more than 50 road and traffic signs. By reviewing your study topics using the the Wyoming Department of Transportation Road Sign Practice Test, you have a higher chance of passing the real exam. Once you pass, you are one step closer to obtaining your driver's license in Wyoming.

Wyoming WYDOT Sample Test Questions

If you see this sign that means _____.
  • Loading and unloading is acceptable here. You can stop your vehicle temporarily.
  • Parking is acceptable here.
  • None of the listed answers.
  • Tourists might be present.
This circular yellow sign with black markings identifies what?
  • Renovation zone.
  • A school zone.
  • Railroad station.
  • Railroad crossing ahead and to proceed with caution.
This rectangular, half black and half white, indicates that ________.
  • You're sharing the side of the road with a bike lane.
  • It's okay to utilize an empty bike lane.
  • Motor vehicles have the right of way.
  • Motorcycles can use the bike lane.
This sign indicates that you are in a _____ area.
  • Marketplace.
  • Business zone.
  • Shopping.
  • School zone.
This sign with black 'X' lettering identifies what?
  • Hidden pirate bounty.
  • Railroad station.
  • A railroad crossing.
  • None of the listed answers.