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Arkansas Permit Practice Test

Pass the Arkansas DFA Permit Test on your very first try! Take our FREE Permit Practice Test for the ultimate test preparation. Our Practice Test has 25 multiple choice questions, real scenarios, and gives immediate feedback.
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You Have Waited Years for Your Arkansas Teen Permit

An Arkansas driving permit allows you to begin the process of learning how to drive a car. Passing the knowledge exam becomes easier when you use our practice tests as a learning tool.

AR Permit Practice Test Can Help You Ace Your Exam

You may have heard about the DFA permit test from people who've already taken it. But there is a lot of new information you will need to learn. You can pass the test because everything you need to learn can be found in the Arkansas driver's manual. You can visit your local testing center to get a copy or download an electronic copy. With your downloaded copy, you can begin studying right away. You will want to read each section carefully and make sure you understand the various concepts.

Your permit test will cover many topics such as road signs, traffic laws and driver safety rules. Our practice tests will help you review the basic traffic laws and reinforce information that you have already mastered. You get a new set of 25 multiple-choice questions each time you take an exam. You will be asked questions on topics like when you are allowed to turn right at a red light or what happens if you are caught drinking and driving when you are under 21 years of age. Knowing the answers means more than passing a test, it shows that you are ready to be a safe driver.

The official test will also be presented in a multiple-choice format. If you have been practicing with our tests, you will already be in the habit of answering this type of question, making it easier to get the 80 percent needed to pass the test and get your permit. With the help of some study time and our practice tests, this is a realistic goal. If you have already read your manual, it is test time.


A driver turning left in front of an oncoming bicycle or turning right across the path of the bicycle is the most common cause of a collision.
  • True
  • False
A red circle with a line running across or diagonal line is a Do Not Enter sign.
  • True
  • False
Avoid driving next to other vehicles on what type of roads?
  • Multi-Lane Roads
  • One-Way Roads
  • Dirt Roads
  • Residential Streets
Check that the seat belts are what?
  • Not Twisted
  • Not Frayed
  • Broken
  • Nonexistent
How much property damage requires a driver to notify police in the event of a crash?
  • $1000
  • $500
  • $250
  • No Amount