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Arizona Driver's License Practice Test 5

Learn how to pass your Driver's License Test the first time! Try our FREE AZ Driver's License Practice Test and get familiar with the types of driving questions found on the real DMV test, taken straight from the Arizona manual.
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Arizona Drivers License Practice Test Description

Want to pass the Arizona drivers license test on your first try? Our AZ MVD practice test is the perfect tool to help you do so.

Prepare With Our MVD Practice Test

Most people do not know how to prepare for a driver's license test. First-time test takers often become overwhelmed with the amount of material they think they must cover. To give yourself the best opportunity to pass the test, you need to take our practice test. Practice tests are a proven way to study and be prepared for this type of exam, and ours focuses on the topics that will be covered on the Arizona drivers license test. It will help you evaluate what you already know and get you familiar with the format of the test, as well as the type of questions you will see on the big day.

We've designed our MVD practice test with the help of our team of experts, so you will develop the knowledge you need to pass your driver's license exam without any hassle. Our practice test questions are based on the State of Arizona Driver


A yellow arrow warns that the light is about to change to what color?
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
An applicant for a motorcycle license or endorsement who is under 18 must have _________ .
  • Held An Arizona Motorcycle Instruction Permit For At Least Six Months
  • Held An Arizona Motorcycle Instruction Permit For At Least One Year
  • Never Held An Arizona Motorcycle Instruction Permit
  • Held An Arizona Motorcycle Instruction Permit For At Least Three Months
Between what ages does alcohol involvement in vehicle crashes reaches its highest rate?
  • 21 And 34
  • 45 And 54
  • 12 And 20
Controlling the speed of your vehicle is the key to completing parallel parking.
  • True
  • False
Extreme DUI applies to a person with an alcohol concentration of what?
  • 0.15 Or Higher
  • 0.10 Or Higher
  • 0.08 Or Higher