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Driving at Night: How to Stay Safe While Driving After Dark

Driving at night is a lot different than driving during the day. At night, you have lower visibility as well as colder temperatures to contend with. What can you do to stay safe when you are driving after dark?

Never Stop For Strangers

It is never a good idea to stop for strangers after dark. While many people who ask for directions or need a ride may legitimately need help, there are also many stories of criminals gaining access to their victims by asking for help on the side of the road. If a police officer stops you, make sure to ask for ID. In some cases, criminals have posed as police officers to get their victims to stop and submit to them. Taking a DMV practice test before starting to drive at night can help you avoid being a victim.

Make Sure That You Know How To Use Your Lights

You should only use your high beam when you are driving by yourself on a dark road. If another driver is in front of you or driving past you on the other side of the road, make sure to turn them off. When it is raining or snowing outside, only use your standard lights. The snow or rain will reflect off of the high beam and make it even harder to see in front of you.

Keep An Emergency Kit Handy

An emergency kit consisting of blankets, food and a cell phone should be in your car when you are driving after dark. The cell phone enables you to call for help while the food and blankets help you stay warm and full until help can get to you. If you have to drive at night, take safety precautions to ensure that you don't get hurt. These rules will help you get home safely each time you venture out after dark.