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Infant and Child Car Seat Laws By State

If you are a parent, it's important to understand your state laws regarding infant and child car seats. Unfortunately, many children are injured and die each year because they are not properly secured during a vehicle accident. States all around the country are enacting new laws to help keep children safe. Here are just a few ways you can find out those laws and how to apply them.

Ask your local Police Department

Local police departments are required to stay abreast of new laws regarding infant and child seating. Since they are often the ones who write tickets and respond first to a car accident, they have to ensure they know the proper laws to ensure that children within their jurisdiction are being kept safe. Many police departments also offer training classes, pamphlets and other materials about understanding child and infant car seats and how to safely install them.

Search Online

There are dozens of places that you can go to find information regarding child seats and new laws that have been enacted. Here at for instance, there are several blogs such as this one, which is applicable for California residents, about new laws regarding child safety seat regulations.

Ask Your Local Pediatrician or OB-GYN

Just like police officers, pediatricians often have to treat children who have been injured in a car accident. Many of them make it a practice to keep pamphlets and other reading material readily available for parents who are seeking advice about safety seats. Your pediatrician will often be able to recommend to you a good type of car seat in relation to your child's height and weight. Even if they don't know, they are likely to be able to tell you where you could find such information. The same holds true for prospective mothers who are buying a car seat for the first time. Your OB-GYN will be able to point you in the right direction as far as books to read and things to buy to ensure that your bundle of joy will ride home in comfort and safety.