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Tips For Licensed Drives On Passing The Driver's Test In Their New State

When you move from one state to the next, you'll need to get a new license in your new home. Most states require a written exam to test you on your knowledge, so you will want to be prepared to pass the test the first time.

Know What to Study

When you move from state to state, you have to prove that you are knowledgeable about the laws within that particular state. To pass the written exam, you will need to know: - State-specific driving laws - Road signs - Emergency conditions Every state has different traffic laws, and you will need to be familiar with them before you can earn your license. You can visit the DMV website for the state you are moving to and begin reading the official driver's manual. This will allow you to read up on all of the laws that are effective in your state. You can learn about speed limits, how to handle weather conditions and how various other regulations apply when you're on the road.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your goal should always be to pass the written test the first time around. If you have to take the written exam on more than one occasion, it will cost you more money. Taking a DMV practice test can help you study in advance. A practice test is made of multiple-choice questions, and each time you take the test, there will be different randomly chosen questions. At the end of the test, you will receive a score to let you know whether you passed or not. A practice test can give you the confidence you need to go in and take the real exam at the DMV. The scoring system of the written test to obtain a license varies from state to state. In many instances, it is important score at least 70 percent so that you can pass and get your driver's license. DMV cheat sheets can help you with what you need to know to pass for each state exam. Be sure you bring everything you need to the DMV office when you go!