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What if Your Kid Wants to Ride a Motorcycle?

What if Your Kid Wants to Ride a Motorcycle?

There is tons of information out there about teaching your teens how to drive and about driving laws and everything else. However, what do you do if your teen wants to learn to ride a motorcycle? What resources are out there to learn how to drive a motorcycle? Fortunately, here's a start to those resources, and other info that's necessary toward getting a motorcycle license.

Who Can Ride a Motorcycle?

Believe it or not, most states allow those 16 years of age and up, to acquire a motorcycle license (parental consent is needed for those under 18). Much like getting a normal driver's license, riding a motorcycle on the road requires a permit, and time on that permit, before the license. However, Florida driving law is an exception, where a driver's license is required to get a motorcycle license. Some states, like in Pennsylvania, a licensed motorcyclist will be required for supervision if you/your teen has a motorcycle permit, but not a driver's license. But, in most cases, a teenager can go for the motorcycle license as if he/she is going for the normal driver's license.

What are Some of the Rules?

It's likely that if your teen is going for the motorcycle license, he/she probably already knows how to ride. Even experience on a moped might sufficient to get started on getting a motorcycle license. However, if your teen doesn't have prior experience on a motorcycle or moped, then it's best to make sure that they know how to ride a bike and to drive a stick shift before getting started on a motorcycle. Most DMVs will not teach how to drive the motorcycle, although some states do have rider programs, and do require them for those under 18. In other states, it's better if you go through the program. In Pennsylvania, for example, both the written and the on-road tests could be waived if you go through the motorcycle safety program.
If your teen is set on getting the motorcycle license, then motorcycle DMV practice tests will be necessary. The rules of the road do have some slight differences for motorcyclists rather than normal drivers, and there also helmet laws to consider. Overall, your teen will still have to practice and to take the test like everyone else, so it's mostly a matter of learning the rules and learning to be safe.