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California DMV Handbook (Motorcycle Manual 2024)

Did you know that in California, "lane splitting" (also known as "lane sharing" or "filtering") is legal. This allows motorcyclists to ride between lanes of stopped or slow-moving cars. California was the first state in the U.S. to formally recognize and legalize this practice. In 2016, the state passed a law that permitted lane splitting, provided it's done in a safe and prudent manner. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has since provided guidelines to help motorcyclists ensure they lane split safely. This law and practice are unique to California, as many other states either don't have a clear stance on it or outright prohibit it.

In addition to lane splitting, you'll learn more about California laws in the latest 2023 edition of the California DMV Motorcycle Riders Handbook below. Studying this handbook is your first step in obtaining your M1 (Motorcycle) License. This digital version is sourced directly from the official California DMV website. We ensure that it's refreshed whenever there's an update, so you're always accessing the most recent information. Each year, the handbook is enhanced with new statistics, tips, and legal guidelines. Share this resource with friends and family to help them stay informed about riding in California.

While the handbook provides a comprehensive guide, it might not detail specific traffic laws as they appear on citations. For precise legal details, refer to the California Driving Laws.

You can also stay updated with California's evolving driving regulations by visiting our DMV blog and subscribing to our newsletter. Familiarize yourself with new laws and their enforcement timelines. 


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