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California Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your California Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Preparing to take the California DMV written test

Before getting a California driver's license, you'll first need to pass your written exam and driving test. This means knowing various state traffic laws and being familiar with the street signs that motorists encounter on the road.

California DMV wants you to understand all road signs before you operate a motor vehicle

There are many people who take the written test without studying. Unfortunately, the majority of these people fail the test. To increase your chance of passing, it is advisable that you take the California traffic sign practice test. Understanding all of the road and traffic signs will drastically increase your test score. Many of the questions on the test will ask you the meaning of certain signs. By practicing and studying, you will not have any problem answering these questions when you take the real examination. Knowledge of road and traffic signs will help keep you, passengers, other vehicles and pedestrians safe when you are operating a motor vehicle.

Benefits of taking the Department of Motor Vehicles traffic sign practice test

Anyone who is planing to get a driver's license should consider taking the California road sign practice test. The test will consist of 25 random questions that each pertain to the 50 different road and traffic signs. All of the road and traffic signs on the test are objects that drivers see everyday when they are on the road. By taking the free Department of Motor Vehicles road sign practice test you will:

  • Increase your chance of passing the written test
  • Increase your chance of passing your driving test
  • Become a safer driver and be less prone to being involved in an accident
  • Train your mind to automatically understand what each sign means