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District Of Columbia Permit Practice Test 2

Take our FREE DC Permit Practice Test today! We offer unique, hand-written questions formed straight from the District Of Columbia Drivers manual to give you a better chance at passing your DMV Test.
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Washington, D.C. Permit Practice Test

Cruise the streets of our nation’s capital with your brand new permit—and earn it on your very first try! Our FREE D.C. permit practice test offers unique, hand-written questions formed straight from the District of Columbia driver’s manual to give you a better chance at passing your DMV test without a hitch.

This online D.C. permit practice test includes 25 state-specific questions taken from the latest laws and regulations for D.C. drivers. It’s structured like your actual exam, giving you full preparation for what you’ll experience without any surprises. You’ll see detailed explanations of each answer, along with directions on where to find more info in the D.C. driver’s manual for further study. Any questions you miss along the way will be flagged for you in real-time, with a comprehensive review at the end so you know which topics you need to study more before you tackle your real D.C. permit test. And because your D.C. practice test is FREE and completely online, you can quiz yourself from wherever you are, studying at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Washington, D.C. Permit Practice Test FAQs:

What questions are on the D.C. permit knowledge test?

The Washington, D.C. written knowledge test features questions on subjects found in your D.C. DMV driver’s handbook. This includes District traffic regulations, road-sharing rules with pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, following distances and safety recommendations, and more.

Does this practice test include the same questions I’ll see on the DMV permit test?

Our free District of Columbia permit practice test pulls information directly from the D.C. DMV’s driver’s handbook, which is also where the DMV takes its questions from. The D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles may switch up its exact questions from year to year, but the information you’re tested on doesn’t change.

How do I earn my Washington, D.C. driver’s license?

To earn your D.C. driver’s license, you must be at least 17 years old. All drivers under 21 years old must also first acquire a learner’s permit—available once you’re at least 16 years old—and hold it for at least 6 months while you practice driving, accumulating at least 40 hours of supervised practice hours. Then you can take your road test and earn your provisional license. After holding your provisional license for at least 6 months, you can graduate to a full D.C. driver’s license.

If you’re 21 years old or older, a learner’s permit is optional to obtain your license, but it’s required if you plan to practice driving on D.C. roads in any way. You must be fully prepared to pass both the written knowledge exam and the behind-the-wheel road test.


A truck travelling at 60 mph takes how much distance to stop?
  • 300 feet or more.
  • 400 feet or more.
  • 500 feet or more.
  • 600 feet or more.
  • None of the listed answers.
About what percentage of fatal motorcycle accidents involve cars?
  • 20%.
  • 30%.
  • 50%.
  • 70%.
  • 90%.
As a holder of Learner Permit which of the following are you allowed to do?
  • Drive by yourself
  • Use a cellular phone
  • Drive only during certain hours.
  • Drive a commercial vehicle.
Driving your motor vehicle in the District of Columbia is a ____________.
  • Right, guaranteed by law.
  • Privilege, not a right.
  • Benefit of Selective Service registration.
  • None of the listed answers.
Except in an extreme circumstance to avoid a traffic conflict, where is it NOT permissible to stop your vehicle?
  • On any bridge or within a highway tunnel.
  • In a direction that is the exact opposite of traffic flow.
  • Inside an intersection or crosswalk.
  • In front of and blocking any public driveway.
  • All of the answers listed.