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Delaware Driver's License Practice Test 5

Learn how to pass your Driver's License Test the first time! Try our FREE DE Driver's License Practice Test and get familiar with the types of driving questions found on the real DMV test, taken straight from the Delaware manual.
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Delaware Drivers License Practice Test Description

If you want a Delaware drivers license, you will need to take the drivers license test. We offer a DMV practice test to help you pass the first time.

Use Our DE DMV Practice Test

A Delaware drivers license allows you to operate a vehicle on the streets and highways of Delaware. The state of Delaware requires that you pass the driver's license exam before a license can be granted to you. However, trying to pass the DMV exam will not happen if you're not familiar with the traffic laws, road signs and rules. Most people who take this test fail on the first try, but that does not mean it will happen to you. Taking a practice test is a proven way to ensure your success on the DMV exam. Passing your Delaware drivers license exam brings you one step closer to getting behind the wheel, and we can help.

Our practice test is available to those who wish to earn a driver's license in the state of Delaware, and it is recommended that you take this test to increase your odds of success. We have a DE DMV practice test designed to help you study and be ready for the official driver's license exam. This practice test was created by a team of experienced instructors who have expertise in designing these exams. Hours of research have gone into the development and creation of our DMV practice test, and now you can take advantage of this opportunity and achieve the success you desire. Access this valuable study material on the Delaware drivers license practice test description page.

The last thing that you want to do is attempt to take the Delaware drivers license test without adequate preparation. DE DMV practice test is the easiest and most effective way to prepare for your Delaware drivers license test. In addition, studying the Delaware Drivers Manual before the DMV exam is a must. This is an essential manual that has all the information you need to know to pass the DMV exam. You can take the practice test as many times as needed to gain the knowledge and confidence to take the official exam and pass it. Start preparing now. Go to the Delaware Drivers license practice test description and check out the DMV practice test we have created for you.


60 mph is the speed limit for automobiles on two-lane roads.
  • False
  • True
A person outside the vehicle can help you reverse or back up.
  • True
  • False
Applying for a vehicle registration is step 1 of obtaining a delaware vehicle title/registration.
  • False
  • True
Bicyclists traveling in general travel lanes are to obey ____?
  • All Regular Traffic Signals
  • Yield Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Pedestrian Crossing Signs
Boats are farm vehicles.
  • False
  • True