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Frequently Asked Questions - Applying For Your Florida License

Yes. You do have to complete a vision test in order to get your FL license. Fortunately, FL Division of Driver's Licenses offices are equipped to conduct vision tests. If you score worse than 20/40 on your vision test, you may be referred to an eye specialist.
First, you will need to take a Learner's Permit (Traffic Law and Drug/Alcohol) course. Then you will need to gather the necessary identification documents to your local Division of Driver's Licenses office. You must successfully pass the written exam. You need to take your vision and hearing test as well. Once those tests are completed successfully, you will have your picture taken and then you will receive your learner's permit.
A straight face is easier to process and distinguish. Since your driver's license photo is used to identify you, the DMV and the police want to reduce fraud or identify theft by making it more difficult to impersonate you. Better facial recognition technology is developing every day, but until then it's recommended that you keep a straight face in your photo.
If you are 18 or under, once you have passed your written exam and you have received your learner's permit, you must wait at least 12 months before applying for your road test. If you are older than 18, there is no waiting period. You could apply for your road test on the same day you receive your FL Learner's permit.
No. A physical is not required.
To be eligible to apply for a FL permit test, you need to be at least 15 years old, be able to demonstrate that you have attended a Substance Abuse and Traffic Law course and be able to provide proof of your address. You must also pass the vision, hearing and written tests required by the DMV. If you are under 18, you must also have a signed parental consent form.
You should apply at your nearest Division of Driver's Licenses office. There are Division of Driver's Licenses offices located throughout the state of Florida. You can find more information about these locations by visiting this website:
You can find contact information details by visiting this website: You can also call this customer service line (850) 617-2000.
It's a good idea to have your parent or legal guardian accompany you as they need to sign your application. If they are unable to accompany you, a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older can accompany you instead. Just remember to make sure your parent or legal guardian signs your application in the presence of a notary public official beforehand.
In FL you have to be at least 15 years old before you can begin the licensing process.
When you apply for your FL license, you will need to bring with you proof of your identity (e.g. birth certificate or United States passport), proof of your social security number, proof of Substance Abuse and Traffic Law courses, proof of your address and a parental consent form if you are under 18 and unmarried.