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Frequently Asked Questions - What If You're Moving To FL Or Just Visiting

Yes. FL will recognize valid out-of-state permits. However, you must remember to follow FL traffic laws and regulations.
As long as you do not become a FL resident, you are allowed to drive with a valid out-of-state license for as long as you like.
The answer to this question varies. If your license is from Canada, France, Republic of Korea or any other U.S. possession, yes, you are able to drive with your foreign license. However, you must complete a vision test before doing so. If your license is from Germany or Taiwan, you must take the vision, hearing and written exam. To be safe, you should check with a local DMV office to make sure that your foreign license is valid and that there aren't any tests you need to pass to be driving legally in the state of Florida.Question Category
You should bring your out-of-state license, a secondary ID (social security card, marriage certificate, birth certificate or life insurance policy). You can find out more information about this by visiting this website:
No. You do not have to pass the FL road test as long as you possess a valid out-of-state driver's license. You have 30 days after moving to Florida to obtain a FL license.