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What do I need before I can get my permit?

Before you can get your Learner’s or Operator’s License, you must do the following:

Learner’s License
Successfully complete a TLSAE course if you have never held any type of license before.

Operator’s License
Pass a behind-the-wheel driving test performing these specific maneuvers:

• Turn About—Turn your vehicle around in a 30 to 40 foot space, also known as a three-point turn.
• Shifting Gears—If you have a manual shift vehicle, you must be able to shift gears smoothly.
• Parking—Park your vehicle in a straight-in parking spot, centered in the spot.
• Stop Quickly—While driving vehicle at 20 miles per hour, you must make a quick and safe stop.
• Backing Up—Back your vehicle up for 50 feet slowly while turning your head and looking out the rear window.
• Stop Signs—Bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Use turn signals to indicate if you are making a turn. Proceed into the intersection when it’s safe.
• Signal & Turn—You must signal 100 feet before making a turn.
• Stay in Correct Lane—Drive vehicle in right lane unless you are on a one-way street.

More details about the driving test can be found in the Florida Driver’s Manual.