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Georgia Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Georgia Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Driving in Georgia: How to Get a License

Driving in Georgia requires that you have a driver?s license. If you are a resident of the state, it must be issued by the state of Georgia. You will need to take a written exam to obtain any level of driver?s license, even a permit. You may need to use a Georgia Department of Driver Services Road Sign Practice Test in order to prepare for the actual exam.

Get a Non-Commercial GA License

It all starts with getting a non-commercial license. You will need to provide:
  • Documentation with birth date and legal name
  • Social Security Number
  • Payment for all tests
If you are at least 16 years of age and have held a learner?s permit, you can obtain a license. If you are 15, you will need to start with a permit. This means you will need to complete a written exam as well as pass a vision test. You will start with a non-commercial Class C license. Once you have this kind of license, you can choose to take additional tests to become licensed to drive a motorcycle or a commercial vehicle. First, the written test must be taken and it is the same for all drivers.

Pass the Written Exam with Knowledge of Road and Traffic Signs

When you want to pass the written exam, it?s important to understand what is included on the exam. You will be quizzed on driving laws as well as road and traffic signs. In order to prepare, you want to get a copy of the Georgia Driver?s Manual. This will provide you with an overview of the GA traffic and driving laws as well as signage in full color. You will need to know colors, symbols, shapes and meanings of the signs on the road. In order to prepare more effectively for the test, you can use a Georgia Road Sign Practice Test. A Georgia traffic sign practice test is available for free online. This allows you to gain access to more than 50 different traffic signs on the test. The DMV traffic sign practice test provides 25 questions at random based on the road signs. Aim for a score 80 percent or higher before taking the DMV test.

Georgia DDS Sample Test Questions

Near a controlled intersection, this white rectangular sign with black lettering and symbol indicates that:
  • There is a pedestrian crosswalk.
  • It is recommended to stop behind this location.
  • Parking allowed.
  • You must stop behind indicated mark when traffic light is red.
This circular yellow sign with black markings identifies what?
  • Renovation zone.
  • A school zone.
  • Railroad station.
  • Railroad crossing ahead and to proceed with caution.
This rectangular sign with red lettering and symbol, indicates what?
  • If you have the correct permit, parking is acceptable.
  • You may only park here for one hour.
  • You may not park on the side of the road in this direction.
  • No parking here Monday - Friday.
This rectangular sign, with red background and white text, can supplement what common traffic sign?
  • Work zone signs.
  • Prohibited parking signs.
  • Speed limit signs.
  • All intersection directions that have stop requirements.
This rectangular white and green sign with black text, informs you to ______.
  • Consider the speed limit if flashing.
  • Use no speed limit if light not flashing.
  • Speed up to beat traffic.
  • Reduce your speed to posted limit if the light is flashing.


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