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Kansas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2

Are you ready for your DMV Motorcycle Test? Find out NOW by taking our FREE KS Motorcycle Practice Test online. We offer 25 original, multiple choice questions formed directly from the information in your own Kansas manual.
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Kansas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Kansas state authorities require you to pass a written test and motorcycle riding test if you want to ride a motorcycle in the state. Our practice tests can help you pass the written exam.

Helping You Obtain a Kansas Motorcycle Permit

The state of Kansas requires you to obtain a motorcycle endorsement if you want to legally operate a motorcycle on the streets and highways of Kansas. The Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles is the official Kansas State authority of licensing for motorcycle operators. You'll need to pay the office a visit to take a written test and riding skills test if you want to obtain a Kansas motorcycle permit. Our website can help you pass the written portion of that process. We have developed a number of practice tests that will aid you as you study.

Fortunately, there is a handbook available that discusses the motorcycle related topics on your written motorcycle knowledge test. To become familiar with the subjects that you will need to understand, read through the Kansas DMV Motorcycle Handbook Manual. Inside, the state has taken motorcycle-related information and placed it into specific topics that range from crash avoidance and motorcycle gear to knowing your equipment and carrying passengers. Feel free to study this information at your leisure until you understand every subject. After that, visit our section of practice tests.

On your actual test day, the DMV exam will use multiple-choice questions to see if you understand the material in the Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual. You'll have an easier time taking and passing the test if you study our practice tests. Each practice test has randomized motorcycle permit practice test questions that determine if you fully understand the rules of the road in Kansas as they pertain to motorcycles. Take all the practice tests until you feel like you are ready to visit the Kansas DMV. If you have thoroughly studied, you should have very few challenges passing the motorcycle permit test, and you'll have gained invaluable knowledge that will help you as you operate your motorcycle.


Alcohol hits your brain ________ of consumption.
  • Within an hour.
  • Within minutes.
  • In 30 minutes on the dot.
  • Within hours.
At what size should you consider dividing your group into two or more smaller ones?
  • 3 riders.
  • 6 riders.
  • 10 riders.
  • 16 riders.
  • 20 riders.
Before you ride your motorcycle, you should _________.
  • Read the manual.
  • Get all the cool modifications first.
  • Check your motorcycle once every 5 rides.
  • All of the listed answers.
If a tire goes flat while riding, you should:
  • Accelerate to minimize the wobble.
  • Hit the brakes immediately to slow down.
  • Keep your weight back.
  • Decelerate slowly by easing off the throttle.
  • Pull off the road sharply right away.
If there is no vehicles present on the road where should you start when cornering a turn?
  • Start in the middle of the road.
  • Drive in the inside of the turn.
  • Start on the outside of the turn.
  • Zig zag around the corner.