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Kansas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3

Take our FREE KS Motorcycle Practice Test today and be fully prepared when you take your DMV Motorcycle Test. Learn what kind of questions to expect, and get your test score right away in addition to detailed explanations.
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Kansas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Before you get out on the open road, you'll need your Kansas motorcycle permit. It is highly recommended that you prepare with motorcycle permit practice test.

How To Prepare For Your Motorcycle Permit Test

Getting your motorcycle permit is something that comes with a lot of responsibility. This is why the state of Kansas requires you to pass the Kansas motorcycle permit exam before you can hit the road. Most people who don't pass their permit test on the first attempt fail for the same reason. They are not well prepared for the test. However, the resources are available. If you have the motivation and the right tools, there's no reason you cannot pass on your first try. Passing the motorcycle permit test and getting your motorcycle permit is now easier than ever before. We have created a practice test to help you improve your test-taking skills and develop your knowledge of Kansas traffic laws, road signs and safe riding techniques.

Our permit practice test allows you to study and be ready for the real test. The practice test consists of the type of questions you can expect to see when you take the actual permit test at the DMV office, so you get an edge by having time to familiarize yourself with it. This permit practice test randomly generates test questions and answers each time you take it. On this page you will find the official Kansas motorcycle manual as well as our interactive permit practice test. When used together you have a set of powerful resources to help you begin preparing for the Kansas motorcycle permit exam.

Our permit practice test can help you pass your motorcycle permit test, and it contains multiple-choice questions that include detailed explanations. Our practice test is designed by experts who know what works, and it's in the same format as the real permit test. You can study when you want, anywhere that you have an Internet connection, and at your own pace. And you can practice as many times as you'd like. Take advantage of the quality resources we have provided for you on this site, and practice before you take the real test. By taking a motorcycle permit practice test you will have the knowledge you need to pass the actual test easily and with confidence. So get started now.


Alcohol consumption causes which of the following to happen to the body of the drinker?
  • It slows mental bodily functions.
  • It impairs mental bodily functions.
  • It slows physical bodily functions.
  • It impairs physical bodily functions.
  • It slows and impairs both mental and bodily functions.
All the following are important pieces of protective clothing except:
  • Leather (or other durable material) gloves.
  • Boots that support your ankles and have hard, durable soles.
  • An athletic cup to protect against slipping off the seat.
  • Pants that cover the legs completely.
  • A jacket that covers the arms completely.
If the chain breaks on your motorcycle while riding what will you notice right away?
  • You will lose power to the rear wheel.
  • The bike will begin to swerve or wobble.
  • Your motorcycle will immediately turn off.
  • You will hear a very loud banging sound.
If you rear tire goes flat you should ________.
  • Ease slowly off the throttle and try to stay straight.
  • If you need to brake for any reason, apply it gradually to the brake that isn't flat.
  • As soon as you are going slow enough, pull over.
  • All of the listed answers.
  • None of the listed answers.
If your front tire goes flat what will be the consequent reaction of the motorcycle?
  • You will start to decelerate.
  • The engine of the bike will start to feel sluggish.
  • The steering will feel "heavy".
  • The front tire will make a high pitch sound.