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Kentucky Driver's License Practice Test 4

Find out how prepared you really are for the KYTC Driver's License Test. Take our KY Driver's License Practice Test for FREE, then see how well you scored. Get detailed answers and helpful information instantly online.
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Kentucky Drivers License Practice Test Description

When preparing to get your Kentucky drivers license, you should know there are several tests you must pass before you qualify. Passing the written exam can be easier if you take the time to study your Kentucky driver?s manual and take our practice tests as often as your can. The written and road skill tests are designed to help you become a better driver once you get your license.

Our KY KYTC Practice Test Can Help You Maximize Your Study Time

Receiving your first driver?s license is a milestone in your life, but first you will need to pass the Kentucky drivers license test. The knowledge exam will cover a variety of areas, including an understanding of road signs, safety rules and traffic laws. You might find this test challenging because all of the information is new to you. After getting a copy of the driver?s manual and reading through it, you will be ready to see how much you have learned with our practice tests. Our exams present you with questions randomly selected from a pool of possible questions you might see on the actual test.

Our online KYTC practice test allows you to get a feel for the actual exam and find any weak areas you might have. While the actual exam can cover any information found in the driver?s manual, our practice exam will quiz you on the traffic laws for Kentucky. You might find questions about how much space you need to pass another vehicle or who turns first at a four-way stop. Each time you take one of our practice tests, you will find new questions and build your confidence by improving your score. You are not limited by the number of times you can take it. As long as you have Internet access, you are ready to take our practice exam.

Working with our practice tests will help you feel more relaxed and confident on the day you take your exams. Our format is similar to the format of your actual written exam. You will already be familiar with answering multiple-choice questions from your work on our practice test. You will need to get 80 percent of the questions right on your written exam before you can take your road-skills test and get your Kentucky drivers license. After you have had a chance to read through your manual, click here to get started.

Kentucky KYTC Sample Test Questions

A roundabout has what type of sign at each intersection?
  • A yield sign.
  • A stop sign.
  • No signs.
  • A warning sign.
  • A traffic light.
A safe distance for motorcyclists is determined by a count of what?
  • 5 seconds.
  • 4 seconds.
  • 6 seconds.
  • 7 seconds.
  • 8 seconds.
Bicycle riders are required to use a signal while riding, when making a turn how soon do they have to activate their signal?
  • 50 feet before the turn.
  • 45 feet before the turn.
  • 40 feet before the turn.
  • 35 feet before the turn.
  • 30 feet before the turn.
Each tire has approximately ____ square inches of rubber touching the road.
  • 2
  • 6
  • 12
  • 24
If you require handicapped parking; where should you apply for the appropriate decals and plates?
  • The County Clerk's Office.
  • The local police station.
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • The Department of Education.
  • The State Department.