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What tests must I pass?

The Louisiana OMV requires teen drivers to pass the following tests:

Knowledge Test
• The knowledge contains written questions about the traffic laws and safe driving practices. To pass the test, you must answer 80 percent of the questions correctly.

Traffic Sign Test
• You must know the meaning of standard road signs and be able to identify each sign by the shape, color or symbol.

Vision Test
• You must have a minimum vision of 20/40 to pass the test. If you need corrective lenses to pass the test, your license will indicate that you required to wear them when driving. You must get a vision report from a specialist if you fail the test.

Road Skills Test
• The driver’s license examiner will be testing you on the following skills:

o Backing up
o Following other vehicles
o Staying in your lane
o Parking between other vehicles
o Yielding the right of way
o Attention to driving
o Response to traffic signs and signals

Your vehicle must pass a safety inspection and have current license, registration and liability insurance.