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Louisiana Permit Practice Test 4

Want to know what questions will be on the OMV Permit Test? Our LA Permit Practice Test is FREE, and has questions just like the ones on the real OMV test. Take this practice test now and get prepared.
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Louisiana Teen Permit Practice Test Description

Do you want to get your Louisiana driving permit on your first try? Make it happen by preparing yourself to successfully pass the necessary exams with our LA permit practice test.

Hit the Road Sooner with Our LA Permit Practice Test

Obtaining your Louisiana learner's permit is a vital first step along the road to earning your driver's license. There are several requirements, but you can hit the road sooner with the proper preparation. Our daily driver's blog provides lots of useful tips to get you started.

In order to get your Louisiana teen permit, you will need to pass a vision test, be at least 15 years old and successfully complete a driver's education course that includes at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and eight hours of practical driving instruction. You will also be required to pass the OMV permit test, a written knowledge exam that evaluates your understanding of driving rules and regulations, safe driving practices and road signs. To prepare, read the Louisiana OMV Driver's Handbook. Then, take our LA permit practice test. It is a great way to review what you have learned, identify any gaps in your understanding and gain confidence in your skills. Repeat the practice test as many times as you like until you are comfortable with your performance. Remember, the information you are learning will not only help you pass the pass to get your Louisiana teen permit; it will also help you to be a safer driver once you are legally able to get behind the wheel on Louisiana's roads.

Our permit practice test is designed to mimic the actual OMV permit test, so when you go to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles, you'll already be familiar with the testing format. This will cut down on nervous mistakes as you take the computerized test, which is comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions. After studying with our practice test, you should have no trouble getting a passing score of 80 percent. Once you have obtained your Louisiana driving permit, you will be allowed to drive when accompanied by a licensed adult over the age of 21 or a sibling over the age of 18.

Louisiana OMV Sample Test Questions

According to the National Safety Council, someone dies in an alcohol-related crash every ____ minutes.
  • 45
  • 90
  • 33
  • 16
All of the followings are thing you should not do in preventing automobile theft except:
  • Hide a key in or on your car.
  • Park in well-lighted areas.
  • Hide firearms in your vehicle.
  • Leave a spare phone in vehicle.
For how long is a class E license issued?
  • 2 years.
  • 4 years.
  • 4 years for those under 70, 2 years for those over 70.
  • 6 years.
  • 6 years for those under 70, 2 years for those under 70.
For how long is a temporary license plate issued by dealers for new cars valid?
  • 10 days.
  • 30 days.
  • 45 days.
  • 60 days.
  • 90 days.
How can you eliminate potential hazards while driving?
  • Never drive impaired.
  • Do not use your cell phone.
  • Never drive while tired.
  • All of the listed answers are correct.
  • You can never eliminate all hazards, only minimize them.