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Maryland Driver's License Practice Test 3

Is it time for your MVA Driver's License test? Get fully prepared and take our FREE MD Driver's License Practice Test online now! Featuring 25 unique multiple choice questions, very similar to the ones found on the real Maryland DMV Test.
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You Can Pass Your Maryland Drivers License Test

If you would like assistance preparing for your Maryland drivers license test, help isn't far away. With our MVA practice test, you will find studying easy and less time-consuming.

Maryland Drivers License Practice Test Description

As you get ready to get your Maryland drivers license, you might be filled with questions about what is going to be on your knowledge exam. Fortunately, everything you need to learn to pass the exam can be found in your Maryland driver's manual. Pick up a copy at your local testing center or simply download a copy. Once you have a copy in hand, it is time to get busy learning all about Maryland's traffic laws, driver safety rules and road signs. You might look through your driver's manual and begin to worry that there is too much to learn, but while there is a lot of information, most of it is common sense. You can maximize your study time by combining studying your driver's manual with taking our MD MVA practice test.

Our practice test questions were written from the information in your driver's manual and will mirror the questions on your actual knowledge exam. As you start a test, our system randomly generates 25 questions for you to answer. This means each time you take a practice, you can find new subjects to quiz yourself on. After submitting an answer, you will immediately see if you answered it correctly. In addition to the correct answer, you will find the page number and section in your driver's manual where you can find the information for further clarification and study. Our practice tests will help reinforce what you already know.

In Maryland, almost 50 percent of people taking the test fail it the first time. This does not have to be you. By taking our practice exams, you will not be flustered by the 20-minute time limit on the exam. In that 20 minutes, you will need to answer 22 out of 25 questions correctly to pass. Scoring 85 percent or higher on the exam allows you to continue on to your road skills test.


A second moving violation offense with a provisional license will result in what penalty?
  • A $500 fine.
  • A 30-day suspension.
  • A 180-day suspension.
  • 30 days in jail.
A steady red left arrow on a traffic signal indicates:
  • Left turn must yield to oncoming traffic.
  • No left turns while arrow is present.
  • The direction of traffic on the crossing road is one-way.
  • Pedestrians may not cross from that direction.
All the following are true about bicyclists except:
  • They require headlights at night.
  • They may travel either with or against the flow of traffic.
  • They must use hand signals.
  • They must wear helmets when under 16.
How many pounds can a fully loaded truck weigh on average?
  • 10,000.00
  • 80,000.00
  • 4,000.00
  • 50,000.00
  • 200,000.00
How might a driver manage risk while operating a motor vehicle?
  • Adjust speed and position relative to your surroundings.
  • Use your turn signals.
  • Keep a safe following distance.
  • Do not assume another driver's actions.
  • All of the answers listed.