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Maine Permit Practice Test 5

Your Permit Test is coming up, and we're here to help you pass! Study by taking our QUICK and FREE ME Permit Practice Test. Just answer 25 multiple choice questions, and receive detailed answers directly from the manual.
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Maine Driving Permit Practice Test Description

For those about to sign up for a Maine teen permit, you will be given two exams to pass after you have applied. To give yourself a better chance of passing, take our ME permit practice test.

Useful Tips for Passing the BMV Permit Test

As a teenager, obtaining a Maine driving permit is one of the most important events of your life up to that point, which is why it's important that you do all you can to study and prepare for the tests you must pass to receive your Maine teen permit. The three tests you will take include a written exam, driving skills exam and vision screening test. The written exam will be further divided into two separate portions for which you will need to study, a driving rules and regulations section and another section on road signs and traffic signals. Our ME permit practice test is designed specifically to emulate that of the BMV permit test. As such, the questions will be very similar. You should be aware of the fact that this practice test will help you to prepare for the driving rules and regulations section of the final written exam.

The BMV permit test will be given to you in a multiple choice format, the same as the practice test. On the permit test, you will need to answer 21 out of 25 questions correctly if you are looking to pass on your first attempt. On both the written exam and practice test, you should expect to see questions related to how much room to give when passing a bicyclist and what the registration fee is for a passenger vehicle in the state of Maine. When studying for these tests, it's important to note that the State of Maine Motorist Handbook and Study Guide contains all of the relevant info on driving regulations.

The ME permit practice test consists of 25 various questions, of which 20 must be answered correctly to pass. The most useful feature of this practice quiz is that you have the ability to take it as many times as you see fit, which is highly recommended if you want to pass easily. You should also think about taking our Maine Road Signs and Signals practice test for further preparation.

Maine BMV Sample Test Questions

At highway speeds, how far away must oncoming cars be to safely pass on a two-lane road?
  • 600 feet
  • 1000 feet
  • 1600 feet
  • 2000 feet
For gas engines, a two-wheeled vehicle is defined as a motorcycle if its cylinder capacity is more than:
  • 25cc
  • 50cc
  • 100cc
  • 150cc
  • 250cc
How much are your chances improved of coming out of a collision alive if you wear a lap belt AND a shoulder strap?
  • Two to three times.
  • Three to four times.
  • Twice as good.
  • It doesn't help at all.
If you are involved in an accident with another motorist, which pieces of information are you required to exchange with the other driver?
  • Driver's license numbers.
  • License plate numbers.
  • Name and address.
  • Detailed damage done to the vehicles.
  • All of the answers listed.
In which of the following examples should you use your directional signals?
  • When changing lanes.
  • When entering or leaving a freeway.
  • All of the answers listed.
  • When turning at an intersection.