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Minnesota Driver's License Practice Test 5

Learn how to pass your Driver's License Test the first time! Try our FREE MN Driver's License Practice Test and get familiar with the types of driving questions found on the real DMV test, taken straight from the Minnesota manual.
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Minnesota Drivers License Practice Test Description

When attempting to obtain a Minnesota drivers license, you will be required to pass a few tests. Taking our MN DVS practice test will give you the necessary preparation to do so.

What You Can Do to Ace the Minnesota Drivers License Test

Now that you've finally completed all that is required of you when holding a Minnesota drivers permit, you have the ability to apply for a Minnesota drivers license. Before you are allowed to receive this license, there are several driving aptitude tests that you must complete and pass if you are to become a fully fledged driver. The two tests are a written exam and an on-the-road exam. It is necessary to prepare for these tests if you want to have the best chances of passing on your first attempt. The written exam is comprised of two separate portions, one focused on driving regulations and the other on the identification of Minnesota traffic signs, the latter of which can be useful for the on-the-road exam that you will take afterwards.

You will find that the DVS practice test is designed as a quiz that will allow you to experience first hand what the final exam will be like. That is why this practice test utilizes the same type of questions that can be found on the driving regulations portion of the written exam and will take you one step closer to passing the Minnesota drivers license test. You will notice that the questions on both the practice test and written exam are multiple-choice with 4 different options to choose from on each.

Once you have started taking the MN DVS practice test, it is up to you to answer 20 out of the next 25 questions correctly, for a passing rate of 80 percent or higher. As these questions are derived from basic Minnesota driving regulations, the subject matter revolves around such questions as when are non-English documents accepted and at what times are you not allowed to receive a permit or license. You can find all of the information that you will need when taking the exam in the Minnesota Drivers Manual. You should also take our Minnesota road signs and signals practice test to help pass your other exam.

Minnesota DVS Sample Test Questions

A "motorized bicycle" is defined by its speed, which is what?
  • 10 mph or less.
  • 20 mph or less.
  • 30 mph or less.
  • 40 mph or less.
  • 50 mph or less.
A warning sign showing two arrows, one pointing up and one down, around a semicircle, indicates _____.
  • Road construction ahead.
  • Divided highway begins ahead.
  • Two-way traffic ahead.
  • Pedestrian crossing.
Active military personnel with the US armed forces:
  • Automatically lose their MN driver's license when deployed, and must reapply.
  • Retain their MN driver's license indefinitely.
  • Retain their MN driver's license for the first 5 years of service.
  • Retain their MN driver's license until discharged.
After your third alcohol impairment offense, what program are you required to enroll in?
  • The Ignition Denial Program.
  • The Ignition Interlock Device Program.
  • A suitable rehabilitation program.
  • The Automotive Safety Program.
  • The Safety Project Program.
Crashes that involve drivers impaired by alcohol in the state of Minnesota ____________.
  • Kill an average of 240 people each year.
  • Kill an average of 600 people each year.
  • Kill an average of 960 people each year.
  • Kill an average of 1,450 people each year.
  • None of the listed answers.