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Missouri Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE MO Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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Important Preparation Tips for the Missouri Motorcycle Permit Test

Acquiring a Missouri motorcycle permit requires passing a motorcycle permit test. Our website offers valuable tips, articles and study aids to help with your preparations.

To legally operate a motorcycle as a resident of Missouri, you must have a valid Missouri motorcycle permit. There are special rules and regulations that relate to motorcycle operators, so it is important to be prepared before taking a motorcycle permit test. The first place you should look to as you begin your studies is the Missouri DOR Motorcycle Operators Manual. All of the rules of the road that you will be obliged to follow as a motorcycle operator are contained in this manual. It is also vital to study this information in order to succeed in passing the motorcycle permit test.

An invaluable tool we offer to aid you in your studies is a motorcycle permit practice test. Simulating the test-taking environment will not only help you commit the information you have studied to memory; it will also help relieve pre-test anxiety by letting you practice taking the test.

Our Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Our practice exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. One unique aspect of our quiz is that once you answer a question, you will be supplied with instant feedback. This will help you to know on a question-by-question basis the information you will need to review over the course of your studies. Once you have completed our motorcycle permit practice test, you will receive a score and a summary of the questions and answers contained within the quiz. In order to receive a passing grade, you must correctly answer 20 questions.

Below your score, you will see a complete list of every question on the test as well as your answers. At this point, it may be necessary to re-visit the Missouri Drivers Manual to review your incorrect answers. In an effort to help you be fully prepared, we offer several versions of our practice test. Each of these tests may be taken an unlimited amount of times, and we recommend you take each of them several times. We also offer a road signs and signals practice test to help you prepare before you head to the DOR.

Missouri DOR Sample Test Questions

At a blind intersection, you should position where?
  • In the left position.
  • In the right position.
  • In the center position.
  • Which ever position allows you to see and be seen as much as possible.
How should one ride over a grating?
  • In a relaxed straight line.
  • In a zigzag.
  • At an angle.
  • As fast as possible.
If there is no traffic while cornering, which of the following orders should you follow?
  • Start the curve to the outside, move towards the inside, and then back to the outside after passing the center.
  • Start on the inside, move to the outside, and back to the inside.
  • Stay on the inside line.
  • Stay on the outside line.
If you must swerve to the left, which of the following is the proper order?
  • Press right handgrip, and then left to recover.
  • Press left handgrip, and then right to recover.
  • Press left handgrip, and front brake.
  • Press left handgrip, and rear brake.
In an emergency situation, how should you use your horn?
  • You should press it softly for a quick moment.
  • You should press your horn so it makes a loud sound but not for very long.
  • You should make sure the horn is loud and goes on for a long time.
  • You press the horn softly at first and then only loudly when no one seems to hear you.