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North Carolina Permit Practice Test 4

Want to know what questions will be on the DMV Permit Test? Our NC Permit Practice Test is FREE, and has questions just like the ones on the real DMV test. Take this practice test now and get prepared.
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NC Permit Practice Test Description

Obtaining a North Carolina driving permit is the first step on the road towards a drivers license. To ensure a hassle-free process, take our NC permit practice test to help pass your driving tests.

Passing the DMV Permit Test the First Time

Receiving a North Carolina teen permit is one of the greatest moments in every teenagers life, which is why its extra important that you pass all of your required tests the first time you take them, so you don't have to wait even longer to receive your permit. You will find that there are 2 specific types of exams, a written one and a driving skills one. The written examination covers a wealth of subjects, including driving rules and traffic signs, with the driving rules segment taking up the majority of the test. Our NC permit practice test was crafted to provide users with a DMV permit test replica that focuses on the driving rules portion of the written examination. In fact, taking this practice test a few times will definitely help you to score better on the final permit test.

While both the practice quiz and DMV permit test are exceedingly similar in every way, you won't be able to simply memorize the questions on the practice test to pass the other. This is due to the fact that the questions are random on both tests. However, as they both cover the same material, you will find that all it takes to ace each test is to study beforehand by reading up on North Carolina driving rules. These rules can be found primarily within the North Carolina Drivers Manual. Some of the types of questions you are bound to see include how to react in foggy weather conditions and the distance you must leave behind a stopped school bus.

When taking the proper tests for earning your North Carolina driving permit, you will notice that the questions are posed to you in multiple-choice format. The same holds true for the practice test as well. The practice quiz contains a total of 20 questions. To pass, you must answer 16 or more of these questions correctly. To better your chances of passing the traffic-signs segment of the written test, take our Road Signs and Signals practice test.


A solid yellow arrow on a left-turn traffic signal indicates that you should:
  • Be ready to stop.
  • Stop, as there are no turns allowed.
  • Turn left, but yield first.
  • Turn left.
All motor vehicles registered in North Carolina must be inspected when?
  • Once a year.
  • Once a month.
  • Once every six months.
  • None of the listed answers.
All vehicles produced since which of the following years must have red amber lights engage when the brakes or turn signals are used?
  • 1955
  • 1960
  • 1950
  • 1965
An air bag comes out of the dashboard at up to:
  • 200 mph.
  • 100 mph.
  • 75 mph.
  • 50 mph.
  • 25 mph.
Convictions that occur outside of North Carolina ______________.
  • May result in suspension or revocation of your license as if the convictions had occurred in North Carolina.
  • Have no effect in North Carolina.
  • Add several points to your driver record in North Carolina.
  • None of the listed answers.