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Nebraska Driver's License Practice Test 3

Is it time for your DMV Driver's License test? Get fully prepared and take our FREE NE Driver's License Practice Test online now! Featuring 25 unique multiple choice questions, very similar to the ones found on the real Nebraska DMV Test.
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Nebraska Drivers License Practice Test Description

When you are looking to move from a permit to a Nebraska drivers license, there are specific tests that you will be required to pass beforehand. Our NE DMV practice test will help with this.

How the DMV Practice Test Will Bolster Your Odds of Passing the Nebraska Drivers License Test

For any person who is seeking becoming a fully licensed driver, you will need to complete a few steps before the DMV will hand over a Nebraska drivers license. As earning a license is such a huge responsibility, the DMV wants to ensure that you are up to the task by giving you two separate exams that you will need to pass. These exams include a written knowledge exam and an on-the-road exam, the latter of which will put your skills to the test by having you operate a vehicle. The written exam includes a variety of questions based on Nebraska driving rules, as well as some that ask you to identify certain road signs that can be found throughout the state. Our NE DMV practice test will quiz you on the driving rules portion of the Nebraska drivers license test.

This practice test has been designed specifically to emulate the written exam, in order to provide you with better knowledge of what to expect once test day rolls around. As such, you will find that the questions on both are similar to one another, all based on state driving regulations. Both of these tests will present the questions to you in multiple-choice format with four possible answers to choose from. While it's impossible to know the exact questions that are found on each exam, they will revolve around such driving rules as what an LPD license is and how many types of distractions there are when driving.

When you first begin, you will be presented with 25 questions, total. You must correctly answer 80 percent or more of the questions to pass. The great thing about this quiz is that you can take it as many times as you want until you feel comfortable enough to proceed with the Michigan drivers license test. To study beforehand, consider looking through the Nebraska Drivers Manual. You might also want to think about taking our Nebraska Road Signs and Signals Practice Test to better prepare yourself.

Nebraska DMV Sample Test Questions

A driver must stop for a school bus if:
  • They have their flashing lights on.
  • The stop arm is extended.
  • You are in the same side of the road.
  • You are on the opposite side of the road without a median.
  • All of the listed answers.
As a defensive driving technique, you should signal your intentions how many feet before you change direction?
  • 25 feet
  • 75 feet
  • 100 feet
  • 200 feet
  • 400 feet
Drivers who use hand held mobile phones are ____ times more likely to be involved in a serious accident.
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 10
How many main types of distractions are there?
  • Two.
  • One.
  • Three.
  • Four.
How many seconds should you have between you and the car in front of you?
  • Minimum of one second.
  • Minimum of two seconds.
  • Minimum of three seconds.
  • Minimum of four seconds.
  • Minimum of five seconds.