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New Hampshire Driver's License Practice Test 3

Is it time for your DMV Driver's License test? Get fully prepared and take our FREE NH Driver's License Practice Test online now! Featuring 25 unique multiple choice questions, very similar to the ones found on the real New Hampshire DMV Test.
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New Hampshire Drivers License Practice Test Description

To obtain your drivers license in New Hampshire, you need to take a standardized driving test. The New Hampshire DMV practice tests are great study tools to prepare you for your driving test.

Getting your first drivers license is very exciting and rewarding, and it?s important to take the right steps to ensure that you are successful with reaching this significant goal. The New Hampshire DMV practice tests will give you the training that you need to understand the type of questions that are likely to appear on the driving test and recognize the appropriate answers. You may complete as many practice tests as you choose to help you prepare for test day. Completing each DMV practice test can help familiarize you with the information that you will tested on and help increase your confidence.

The New Hampshire drivers license test will assess your knowledge of the state rules for operating vehicles and demonstrating proper driving techniques. Each NH DMV practice test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions, some based on real-life driving scenarios. There will be a separate section for road signs and signals. You will need to understand how to navigate the roads and respond appropriately to normal signs that you may come across while driving. The New Hampshire DMV drivers handbook is a guide to learning the specific driving laws in the state. You can refer to the information found in the handbook, including sections that relate to each question, as you proceed through the practice tests.

When you sit for the actual driving test, you will complete a knowledge test and a road test. You must score 80 percent or higher to the pass the tests. You will also be required to take a vision test, which will determine whether you need to wear vision aids while operating a vehicle. Once you successfully complete all of the requirements, you will be issued a New Hampshire drivers license. To begin preparing for the test, review the New Hampshire Drivers Handbook. You may begin studying and taking the New Hampshire DMV practice test online at any time.

New Hampshire DMV Sample Test Questions

A class D license allows one to drive:
  • A normal passenger vehicle or truck under 26000 pounds.
  • A bus or other transport carrying 16 or more passengers.
  • A truck containing hazardous materials.
  • A tractor-trailer towing over 10000 pounds.
How many of the 40 questions must be answered correctly to pass the knowledge test before getting a license?
  • 20 questions.
  • 24 questions.
  • 28 questions.
  • 32 questions.
  • 36 questions.
Hydroplaning begins to become an issue above what speed?
  • 25 mph.
  • 35 mph.
  • 45 mph.
  • 55 mph.
  • 65 mph.
Persons 16 years of age or over, and also under ____ years will be issued a youth operator license.
  • 19
  • 18
  • 21
  • 20
Risk of serious injury or death is 4 times as great at ___ than at 30 mph.
  • 15 mph.
  • 90 mph.
  • 60 mph.
  • 40 mph.