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New Hampshire Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE NH Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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New Hampshire Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

You have the perfect motorcycle picked out, and all you need now is to take your motorcycle permit test. In addition to reading the manual, you can take our practice tests to learn the material.

How Practice Tests Help You Learn

In order to get a motorcycle permit in New Hampshire, you must be able to demonstrate your knowledge and skill. Even though motorcycles are more maneuverable than cars, it is especially important for a rider to know the rules of the road because motorcycles are less visible than cars. Study helps accomplish this, but studying a manual alone may not be enough. Using our free New Hampshire motorcycle permit test helps ensure that you know the correct responses, even if the questions are phrased in a different way.

New Hampshire requires that you take a road test, a vision exam and the written test in order to receive your motorcycle permit. Important items are covered by the practice tests including the distance you need to keep from other vehicles, how to pass safely and what to do in the event of an accident. Each group of practice tests includes 20 random questions. You need to score 80 percent in order to pass but can take the practice tests as often as necessary to remember the material well. After answering each question, you will see whether you responded correctly. If you did not select the correct answer, you will be shown the correct choice.

These practice exams are not only helpful for when you take your written test, but they are also fun. Many people are good at learning but freeze when faced with an exam even though they may know the material. Sometimes this is only because the questions are posed differently. The best way to get over this test anxiety is to take practice tests repeatedly. When you are taking the actual test, you will have more confidence and be more at ease. This increases your chances of passing on the first try. You can also take the road signs and signals practice test to enhance your knowledge.


How many seconds distance should be maintained behind the vehicle ahead of you, at least?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5
  • 10
How many seconds should you search your path before making a lane change?
  • 5
  • 12
  • 10
  • 7
How should you protect yourself from fatigue when riding a motorcycle?
  • Keep yourself protected from the elements.
  • Do not attempt to ride for too long of a distance.
  • Be sure to take frequent breaks.
  • Refrain from using any alcohol and/or drugs.
  • All of the answers listed.
If either tire goes flat while riding, what should you do?
  • Ease off the gas and maintain a straight course.
  • Brake gradually on the tire that isn't flat, if you know which one it is.
  • Accelerate to make your way toward the shoulder.
  • Both ease off the gas and maintain a straight course and brake gradually, braking on the tire that isn't flat if you know which one it is.
  • Immediately stop - a flat tire on a motorcycle will not allow you to continue driving.
If you are involved in a crash, injury is less likely if you do what?
  • If you wear a DOT compliant helmet, face or eye protection, and protective clothing.
  • If you wear a DOT compliant helmet.
  • If you wear protective clothing along with padded knee guards.
  • If you make sure your motorcycle is sturdy.
  • None of the listed answers.