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New Hampshire Permit Practice Test 3

Are you prepared for your DMV Permit Test? Take our FREE NH Permit Practice Test right now and find out how much you know! Our test offers 25 comprehensive Permit questions, and shows your test results right away.
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Successful Study Tips for the New Hampshire Teen Driving Permit Test

Our site has informative New Hampshire teen permit test study materials and practice tests to help you get your New Hampshire teen driving permit the first time you go to the DMV.

Taking the New Hampshire Teen Permit Test

A driver's license is a big deal for teens. In New Hampshire, in order to drive on public roadways, you will need a New Hampshire driving permit. Be prepared before going to the DMV for the NH permit test. Have your fees in hand as well as your social security card for identification. Applicants under 18 years of age will need a parent or guardian with them to accept responsibility and provide proof of insurance.

Tests are always daunting. The DMV permit test is not as complicated as the full driving test, but it's designed to be sure you understand the basics of safe driving. Items on the test include common road signs, hand signals all drivers should know, safety laws and practices along with simple automobile operation. When you are ready for your full license test, you can get helpful practice tests and other study materials on our site to give you a head start and successfully get your driver's license.

It takes study and practice to be ready for the big test. Taking practice tests for the DMV permit test is a good way to make sure you thoroughly understand the types of questions you will get on the exam. You can find several New Hampshire driving permit practice tests on our site. Along with the NH permit practice test, you can find information on frequently asked licensing questions for all states. Alongside the practice tests, there are tabs with the New Hampshire handbook and other study materials to help you prepare for the tests.

Once you have your NH permit, remember that there are restrictions for its use. You will only be able to operate a vehicle during daytime hours under the supervision of a licensed adult. All practice behind the wheel must be on regular roads, not highways or high-speed areas. The information you've learned studying can help you be a safe driver at all times.

New Hampshire DMV Sample Test Questions

A class D license allows one to drive:
  • A normal passenger vehicle or truck under 26000 pounds.
  • A bus or other transport carrying 16 or more passengers.
  • A truck containing hazardous materials.
  • A tractor-trailer towing over 10000 pounds.
A good rule to maintain while parallel parking is that you need at least ___ more than the length of the car to park easily.
  • 30 feet
  • 20 feet
  • 10 feet
  • 5 feet
Anyone parking in an access aisle will be fined ___ for the first offense.
  • $50
  • $100
  • $250
  • $500
How often must a vehicle be inspected in New Hampshire?
  • Once a year.
  • Once every 5 years.
  • Twice every 6 years.
  • Once every 5 years.
If you are under the age of ___, you must have completed driver education and training that meets the State's minimum standards.
  • 21
  • 25
  • 18
  • 27