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New Jersey Driver's License Practice Test 5

Learn how to pass your Driver's License Test the first time! Try our FREE NJ Driver's License Practice Test and get familiar with the types of driving questions found on the real DMV test, taken straight from the New Jersey manual.
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New Jersey Drivers License Practice Test Description

In order to receive a New Jersey Drivers License, you must first pass the New Jersey Drivers License Test. The best way for you to make sure that you pass this test is to first take the NJ MVC Practice Test. Obtaining a driver's license is one of the greatest privileges you can look forward to and taking a MVC Practice Test is the best way to prepare for when the time comes to take the actual exam.

How will the NJ MVC Practice Test Help You?

Taking the NJ MVC Practice Test allows you to not only get an idea of what you can expect to see on the actual exam, but also gives you an advantage by presenting you with the most current and up to date information pertaining to the New Jersey Drivers License Test by covering all the areas you'll encounter and need to know for that test. By taking the practice tests, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to pass your driver's license exam with ease.

Our tests are designed with the individual requirements of each state in mind. There are five practice tests to choose from with each test containing twenty five multiple choice questions covering a wide array of driving information. To ensure that every potential driver is offered all the information they could need, we also offer a Road Signs and Signals Test, which is also made up of twenty five multiple choice questions. In addition to all of the excellent information and knowledge to be gained from our practice tests, we offer them all for free. Users can take the practice tests as much and as often as they would like until they feel confident and ready enough to take on the actual exam. Our free practice tests don't just consist of preparation for the driver's license exam though. We also offer a number of other practice tests covering everything from Motorcycle License and Driver's Permit practice exams to CDL Endorsement practice exams. So visit us today and take your first step towards receiving your New Jersey Drivers License.


A baby may sit facing forward once reaching a weight of at least:
  • 17 pounds.
  • 12 pounds.
  • 15 pounds.
  • 20 pounds.
  • 25 pounds.
Alcohol effects which aspects of a driver's abilities?
  • All listed answers are correct.
  • Vision.
  • Reaction time.
  • Coordination.
  • Distance judgment.
An out-of-state driver must purchase an examination permit within how long after becoming a New Jersey resident?
  • 60 days.
  • 30 days.
  • 90 days.
  • 120 days.
  • 180 days.
At an acceleration lane, a driver should:
  • Avoid coming to a full stop while waiting for a gap in traffic.
  • Come to a full stop while waiting for a gap in traffic.
  • Continue at highway speed and ride on the shoulder or grass if necessary.
  • Realize that he has the right of way.
Children under what height must ride in a safety or booster seat?
  • 57 inches (4 feet, 9 inches).
  • 60 inches (5 feet).
  • 48 inches (4 feet)
  • 54 inches (4 feet, 6 inches).