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New Mexico Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 4

Get a sneak peek of the questions you may find on the New Mexico Motorcycle Test. Our FREE NM Motorcycle Practice Test has questions just like the ones on the real MVD test. Take out FREE practice test today!
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New Mexico Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Motorcyclists must understand special regulations in order to obtain a New Mexico motorcycle permit. Our site contains tools and study aids to help you prepare for the exams you will need to take.

There are two keys to passing the motorcycle permit test. The first is to study. The best place to begin your studies is by reviewing the New Mexico motorcycle manual. All of the information you need in order to pass your exams will be found in this manual. It is vitally important to review this manual multiple times.

The second key to success is taking multiple practice tests. Our website offers five different varieties of our multiple-choice motorcycle permit practice test. Taking a practice test can help you see many of the questions that you may see on the official New Mexico motorcycle permit test. This can help you feel relaxed and ready when you arrive on test day.

How Our Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Works

Our practice test consists of 25 questions that will be very similar to those on the motorcycle permit test. In order to successfully pass our quiz, you must answer at least 20 questions correctly. The test can be taken as many times as you wish, so we recommend that you take it until you can consistently answer all 25 questions correctly. A valuable reference tool that we supply you after each question is a page reference in the New Mexico motorcycle handbook that explains the rules that apply to the question you have just answered. We also supply you with a complete list of questions and answers after you have finished the quiz. This can be an important reference tool as you review the questions you may have answered incorrectly.

In addition to our motorcycle permit test, we also offer practice tests that can help familiarize you with road signs and traffic signals, as well as a practice test that can prepare you for the New Mexico Drivers License Test. Each of our practice tests can be taken an unlimited amount of times, and we recommend that you take them as many times as you need to in order to achieve 100 percent every time.


A car or motorcycle needs how much of a lane to operate safely?
  • An entire lane.
  • Half of a lane.
  • One third of a lane.
  • Two lanes.
  • None of the answers listed.
How should you handle blind intersections as a motorcycle rider?
  • Honk your horn to warn traffic you are there.
  • Treat them like any other intersection.
  • Stop your vehicle, then move forward and lean your body forward to check for traffic.
  • Flash your lights to warn traffic you are there.
  • Stay stopped until you see a larger vehicle proceed.
In city traffic, how far ahead of your vehicle should you look?
  • One city block.
  • Two city blocks.
  • Two car lengths.
  • One car length.
  • To the nearest intersection.
In New Mexico, if a driver has twelve or more points in a twelve-month period, their license will be suspended for a period of:
  • 3 months.
  • 6 months.
  • 9 months.
  • 1 year.
  • 2 years.
In New Mexico, to obtain an unrestricted driver license you must have held a provisional license for the period immediately preceding the date of application for a driver license in the amount of:
  • 3 months.
  • 6 months.
  • 9 months.
  • 12 months.
  • 1 month.