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New Mexico Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE NM Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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New Mexico Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

New Mexico has many rules and regulations you need to know to get a New Mexico motorcycle permit. Taking the written test is not easy, but practicing will help you pass it.

How Practice Tests Help You Pass the Written Exam

Taking a free practice test to make sure you know all the information covered in the NM drivers manual has never been easier. Going to the free practice test website and clicking on any one of many practice tests will help you learn if you have assimilated the knowledge and are able to answer questions correctly. There are times when tests seem to present material that was never covered in the manual. This happens because test questions may phrase things slightly differently than you would expect. You can get a handle on testing by taking the New Mexico motorcycle permit test repeatedly until you know you are ready for the real thing.

Knowing how to ride on imperfect roads or in bad weather may help you pass the motorcycle permit test, and it may also save your life. Sometimes a motorcycle is not visible to other drivers on the road or at intersections. The test covers these and other safety issues for motorcyclists. Since the test includes multiple-choice questions, it is not recommended to simply memorize the rules. Taking our motorcycle permit practice test as many times as you want will help you know the material so well that no matter how a question is written, you will choose the right answer every time.

Motorcycle riders need to obey the rules of the road but must also know how to handle their bikes in bad weather or when navigating in heavy traffic. Mechanical problems may also occur, and a safe rider knows what to do in an emergency. While riding is an enjoyable pastime for many people in New Mexico, the MVD wants it to be a safe time too. Our free New Mexico practice test provides random questions, and if you answer incorrectly, the right option is given along with a citation back to the relevant page of the drivers manual. Learning about road signs and traffic signals is fun and easy with our road signs and signals practice test.

New Mexico MVD Sample Test Questions

A car or motorcycle needs how much of a lane to operate safely?
  • An entire lane.
  • Half of a lane.
  • One third of a lane.
  • Two lanes.
  • None of the answers listed.
A rider should particularly check his mirrors during which of the following situations?
  • Before he changes lanes.
  • Before he slows down.
  • When he stopped at an intersection.
  • All of the listed answers.
Anytime you want to merge with other traffic, you need a gap of how many seconds?
  • Three.
  • Four.
  • Two.
  • One.
Compared to an average car going 55 mph, a large truck going the same speed can take how long to stop?
  • Almost 200 feet
  • Almost 300 feet
  • Almost 500 feet
  • Almost 700 feet
  • Almost 800 feet
How fast can you travel while passing on your motorcycle?
  • Only as fast as the posted speed limit.
  • As fast as you want, to overtake the vehicle, for a maximum of 10 seconds.
  • 5 miles per hour above the speed limit.
  • 10 miles per hour above the speed limit.
  • 15 miles per hour about the speed limit.