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Oklahoma Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Earn your Motorcycle License with ease! Our FREE OK Motorcycle Practice Test offers realistic questions designed to help you be completely prepared, and pass the Oklahoma DPS test with ease.
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Oklahoma Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

To obtain an Oklahoma motorcycle permit, you may need to take a series of exams. Our site contains practice tests and information to help you succeed come test day.

A key to passing any test is to practice. Taking a motorcycle permit practice test will help you to feel relaxed and confident when the time comes to take your official motorcycle permit test. For this reason, we have provided you with five different practice exams. Each motorcycle permit practice test is based on the Oklahoma motorcycle permit test, so it is important to take each of these tests as many times as necessary until you feel confident in each answer. Our tests consist of 25 multiple-choice questions. Once you have answered each question, you will instantly see the correct answer as well as a reference to where the topic is covered in the Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator Manual.

Once you have finished the practice test, you will receive your score. To pass, you must answer at least 20 of the 25 questions correctly. After the test has been completed, you will also receive a complete list of each of the questions you answered and where you can read more about the topics. It may be important to study these and reference the Oklahoma DPS Motorcycle Handbook for further study of your incorrect answers. After you have reviewed your answers and studied the handbook, we recommend that you take the practice test again. In fact, you may take each of our practice tests an unlimited number of times until you can achieve a 100 percent score on every try.

Other Resources to Help You Prepare

We also offer several other resources to help you prepare for your motorcycle permit test. We recommend that you also take our road signs practice test to familiarize yourself with traffic signals as there may be questions concerning these on your exam.

We also feel that motorcycle safety and education does not end once you have passed your motorcycle permit test. Our site is full of blogs, informative articles and tips regarding motorcycle ownership and safety.

Oklahoma DPS Sample Test Questions

A driver with a BAC level of over ___ is considered intoxicated and cannot operate a vehicle.
  • 0.02
  • 0.08
  • 0.15
  • 0.18
A separate ____ is required by some states to operate a 3-wheeled vehicle.
  • Helmet.
  • License.
  • Shoes.
  • None of the answers listed.
Alcohol can enter the bloodstream within _____ of consumption.
  • Minutes.
  • Seconds.
  • Hours.
  • Days.
How many seconds should you search your path before making a lane change?
  • 5
  • 12
  • 10
  • 7
How should you keep your knees when turning while riding a motorcycle?
  • Up in the air.
  • As close to the ground as possible.
  • Against the gas tank.
  • Against the handlebars.
  • Spread apart as far as possible.