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Oklahoma Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE OK Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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Oklahoma Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Don't let lack of preparation ruin your chances of getting your Oklahoma motorcycle permit on the very first try. Give yourself an advantage by taking a motorcycle permit practice test before exam day.

Pass the Motorcycle Permit Test with Confidence

Passing the motorcycle permit test takes more than just the knowledge of how to drive a motorcycle. Even if you already have a regular driver's license, you'll soon learn that driving a motorcycle is an entirely different ballgame. While the road signs may be the same, you'll need to know driving techniques that are different from when you drive a car. Taking the Oklahoma motorcycle practice test will prepare you for the real thing. The most beneficial feature about the motorcycle practice test is that you can take it several times. If you're not happy with your score the first time, you can study a little and take it again. Don't take the chance of flunking the test and then wishing you would have been better prepared. Let the motorcycle permit practice test give you the confidence you need to pass with flying colors.

When you take the test, you'll need to have knowledge of road hazards, maneuvering the bike, carrying passengers, basic maintenance, laws of the road and more. You'll also need to be familiar with all the road signs, but that shouldn't be a problem because there is also an Oklahoma road sign practice test you can take. Taking the practice test will not only prepare you for the real test but will give you a better idea of what areas you need to brush up on before taking the test. You may want to read the Oklahoma motorcycle handbook multiple times, which can prepare you for the motorcycle permit test and provide you with helpful information on the road.

The test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. If you get the answer wrong, the test tells you on what page in the motorcycle handbook you can find further information on that topic. Taking the practice test is a fun and simple study method to ensure you'll be well on your way to getting your Oklahoma motorcycle permit.


A driver with a BAC level of over ___ is considered intoxicated and cannot operate a vehicle.
  • 0.02
  • 0.08
  • 0.15
  • 0.18
A separate ____ is required by some states to operate a 3-wheeled vehicle.
  • Helmet.
  • License.
  • Shoes.
  • None of the answers listed.
Alcohol can enter the bloodstream within _____ of consumption.
  • Minutes.
  • Seconds.
  • Hours.
  • Days.
How should you keep your knees when turning while riding a motorcycle?
  • Up in the air.
  • As close to the ground as possible.
  • Against the gas tank.
  • Against the handlebars.
  • Spread apart as far as possible.
If you are struck by a flying object while driving, you should do what?
  • Immediately stop in the middle of the road and assess any damage caused by the object.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the handlebars. Once it is safe to do so, pull off the road and attend to any needed repairs, if necessary.
  • Weave in a quick pattern to avoid any future objects that might hit you.
  • None of the listed answers.