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Oklahoma Permit Practice Test 2

Take our FREE OK Permit Practice Test today! We offer unique, hand-written questions formed straight from the Oklahoma Drivers manual to give you a better chance at passing your DMV Test.
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Oklahoma Teen Permit Practice Test Description

If you?re applying for your Oklahoma driving permit, you?ll need to take the written permit test. We provide practice tests online to help you study the materials and get a passing score.

The OK permit practice test includes 25 multiple-choice questions and detailed explanations following your responses. You can complete several types of sample tests about the driving rules in Oklahoma and answer questions regarding scenarios designed to assess your knowledge of road signs and signals. Using the Oklahoma DPS handbook and applying your knowledge to a series of practice tests, you?ll build your understanding of the information that you?re required to know for the actual Oklahoma teen permit exam. You have the opportunity to take the tests as many times as you need.

Completing the requirements to get your teen permit is an essential milestone before you go through the process of applying for your Oklahoma drivers license. It?s an exciting experience to reach this goal and very rewarding for first-time drivers. With a teen permit, you'll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge, take proper safety precautions on the road and perfect your driving skills. The practice tests should help you prepare to walk in to the DMV office on test day with confidence and assurance.

Be prepared to bring all of the required documents on the day that you plan to take the DPS Permit Test. There are separate requirements for individuals who have taken a driver education course versus those who have not completed a course. Therefore, you can benefit from reviewing the requirements online to ensure that you're fully prepared. It?s also helpful to visit the test site prior to the day you plan to take your exam to become familiar with the environment. You must receive a score of at least 80 percent to pass the test. All of the questions come from information in the Oklahoma DPS Drivers Handbook Manual. It's never too early to begin studying. Visit the website for more details, and complete the OK Permit Practice Tests.


Alcohol accounts for how many of all highway deaths.
  • One third.
  • One fourth.
  • One half.
  • One whole.
  • No highway deaths are attributed to alcohol.
An Oklahoma license is not required for which group?
  • Nonresident over the age of 16 who is licensed in their home state or country.
  • Nonresidents on active duty in the military and their spouses and children.
  • Nonresident students as well as their spouses and children who hold a valid license in their home state.
  • Any operator of a farm tractor.
  • All of the answers listed.
How many collisions between vehicles and motorcyclists are caused by vehicles turning in front of motorcycles?
  • One third.
  • Two thirds.
  • One half.
  • None of the answers listed.
  • One quarter.
If moving, you must write the Department of Public Safety within ___________ of the move, to notify them of the address change.
  • One month.
  • 15 days.
  • 10 days.
  • 90 days.
If you are convicted of speeding, what is the maximum amount of jail time you may serve?
  • 30 days.
  • 60 days.
  • 7 days.
  • 14 days.
  • 21 days.