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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

Along with the completed application form and proof of school attendance, applicants for a Class C instruction permit must bring proof of identity, full legal name, legal presence, birthdate, social security number and current residence. Acceptable documents for proof of identity, full legal name, legal presence and birthdate include:

• US or US Territorial Government-issued birth certificate
• Active US passport or US Territorial passport, or one that has been expired for no more than five years
• Tribal identification card that has been approved by the DMV
• Certificate of US citizenship, and
• Certificate of Naturalization

Other acceptable forms may be found at

Forms that are acceptable to establish residency include:

• Mail from a utility company, government agency, insurance company or educational institution that is dated within 60 days of the driver’s application
• Mortgage documents dated within the last year
• Educational institution transcript for the current year, or
• A person who resides with the applicant, such as a parent, legal guardian or spouse, who appears in person with acceptable proof of residence address, may certify residence.

Other acceptable forms of proof of residence may be found at

All documents presented must be originals or certified copies, and the DMV may require additional proof beyond those listed. Applicants should check to make sure that they have everything they need before going to the DMV.

For those taking the drive test, the following documents should be brought with them:

• Proof of identity, legal presence, full legal name, and birthdate, residence and social security number
• Proof of insurance for the vehicle the road test will be taken in
• Valid license plates or temporary permit for the vehicle
• A certificate of 100 hours driving practice OR a certificate of 50 hours driving practice AND a certificate of completion from a ODOT approved traffic safety education course